Tuesday, 18 December 2012


This is a movie about our Prize Giving it was fun.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


The thing we learnt was how to do Perimeter it is really easy if there is a square you have to count around the square then you get the lovely answer something cm.Here is a link:Perimeter

Monday, 10 December 2012

My Reflection

The thing I do differently now is playing on my netbook and learning how to show my work on internet to the world.

I think my learning is getting better I think I need to learn how to speak to others nicely and use good confidence as I speak to them.

2012 has surprised because we have a lovely teacher named Miss King and she teaches us heaps of things about netbooks and the other thing that has surprised me was that we have netbooks too.

The thing that I have enjoyed this year is Music and ICT because in music we sing lovely songs and in ICT we can finish off any animations we have not finished.


The thing I made this out with is with two Triangles and one diamond and two big diamonds and one more medium diamond and one shape that was shaped as a mat sideways and then it was made as a cat.

Friday, 23 November 2012


On Thursday the 22nd of November The Minister Of Education came to our LOVELY school to tell us about how COOL our school is.

Manaiakalani is about kids sharing their lovely work to the whole world so that the people can enjoy and comment on the kids blog.

I would just like to thank the lovely Manaiakalani for helping Point England School get better learning with Netbooks.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

50 Word Story

This movie was created by the lovely students of room 16 named Uili Levi and Rocky.

Getting ready to go to Manaiakalani Film Festival I was really excited and sort of scared at the same time. I was really nervous too because it was PACKED in the Hoyts with Schools.

My favourite  movie was daydreamer because it had heaps of detail and it was FUNNY too.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Narrative Story

Sammy is 18 years old. He lives in France, he loves to tease BULLS by using a red rope to tie around his white clothing ,and on his hips.

The people were clapping for Sammy but the moment he jumped, up he felt scared and he had butterflies in his stomach. Sammys mum was watching. She didn't care. His WHOLE family didn`t CARE.

As Sammy was jumping in the air, he looked down and he saw the BULL, a bull that has SHARP HORNS.He screamed very very loud “AAAHHHH” His mum now became frightened seeing her own son doing something dangerous.

It was too late the bull was going for Sammy. It was the end of his life.  BUT all of a sudden nine men went with a big blue mat and they laid it there for Sammy to fall on it.

Clapping and cheering, Sammy landed safely. His mum said “OOh Sammy I thought you were gonna DIE but you didn't” “That's good” said Sammy “Lets go home” said mum.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Narrative Story

Standing on the rock at the beach called Point England Reserve I was cold. A girl from my school was there her name was Lilly she  went for a swim I saw her with her togs and goggles she was probably my age but I don't know. She had come with her brother he looked like a five year old.

As they were walking towards the water Lilies shoe SUNK right through the sand so she looked around and screamed very very loud HELP! So I had a little think in my head. Brother Dan  ran to the park so I had a think in my head  should I help her or not? I made my decision, I should go and help her.

Walking up to her, I was scared and she kept screaming HELP! Her little brother was still playing on the park so I held her on the arm and pulled but she said to me  “Who are you?” I said “Hello I`m Sally and my last name is Palm. What is your name?”I said “Well my name is Lilly and thats my little brother Dan.” OOHHH!

“Anyways thanks for helping me get out of this yucky  sand” Lilly was feeling really happy that she got out of the YUCKY sand.But for me I was feeling happy too because I had helped her. So I said to her “Do you wanna go for a swim?”  “Yes.” replied Lilly “Well lets go.” And we had so MUCH FUN! playing tiggy on the sand.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Halloween Story

Me and my friend were fighting over a bucket of Halloween lollies. It was sort of STUPID and  embarrassing I. tried pulling, but my friend’s hand was really tight on the bucket handle. I said “please can I just hold it” My hands nearly slipped off but I kept pulling until the bucket was starting to crack I said “Give it or it will break and the lollies will spill on the ground and I will be upset with you” so I just pushed my friends fingers off and I started running back home eating the lollies.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Wordle Writing

This is what we did on the first day of term 4,We figured out a QUESTION,The question was WHAT IS A TOY? Well a toy is something you play with and something you buy and all sorts of things you
can do with a toy.So that's what we did with Miss King it was HEAPS OF FUN!!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Farewell Mrs Verry

 At assembly we farewelled Mrs Verry. It was the time to CRY. But I was not going to. Then tears dripped down my face and I wiped it straight away so that no one could see me crying. The other funny thing was that Mr Burt had a yellow wig and it was really funny. As Mr Burt was talking he said to us to call Mrs Verry SUPERGRAN. Mrs Verry laughed .

The next thing was the Pounamu group they performed a dance for Mrs Verry it was so CUTE. They all danced and stomped around. The next performance was the Samoan group. It was nice when they danced. The song they were dancing to was a nice. calming song and a sort of fast song.

Taking photos with Mrs Verry was nice, when I was hugging her.Mrs Verry. Is the QUEEN OF BLING because when she came to school she always wore bracelets and necklaces
that were silver gold pink and all sorts of colors.

Thanks Mrs Verry for being  a lovely teacher here at Point England School. We  love you and we miss you. God bless you and your family!!!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Tommy Wilson Writing.

Did you know that room13 went to Assembly to see Tommy Wilson who writes the Kapai books he was born from 11 kids he was funny he said to us everyday we should make ten people SMILE I felt happy when he said that so he said everyday he goes to public with his daughter  he makes ten people SMILE,his daughter would say SHAME dad you have to make ten people smile a day.

The other thing he said that  wars and violence is DUMB they are dum because people get hurt in wars I think wars should not even exist the other reason why is because they use dangerous things when they fight I think its really really DUMB thats what Tommy Wilson said to us.

Also the other thing he said was to learn how to forgive,forgiveing is hard because when you have to say sorry or say do you forgive me you get a little shy but thats what Tommy said.

The other thing Tommy Wilson talked about was EVERYONE is born with a gift,gifts are special because its about your talent
everyones got a talent.

The other thing that sort of made me laugh was when he said rich people got everything,but in life they have nothing Tommy Wilson is right because it means when someones got heaps of money and then they spend it all on phones or makeup then they end up with nothing in life.

The last thing he said was to SMILE!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


To day we practiced re-fracting a piece of writing.The first paragraph belongs to Aldora and the second is mine.

Today we practiced re-crafting a piece of writing. The first paragraph belongs to Aldora and the second belongs to Jordenne and mine.

“Cross country, Cross country” is the worst event ever. I would never dream about cross country. Today is cross country and I am not feeling good. But I  just want to support my team TE ARAWA.  “GO TE ARAWA” I said quietly to myself.

Jordenne and Mao's
“Cross country”! This is the worst event ever!!! Why would I dream about this? I know I will just have to do it anyway,and try not to come last

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Usain Bolt-Best Runner

As the race was about to begin, Usain Bolt was balanced on the blocks. Visualising the race, he was focused and ready. Can he WIN!!!

Flying down his lane lightning bolt was filled with great strength. Focused on the finish, he was fired up to win the gold.

As Usain blitzed the race, the crowd went wild!!! What is his future??? With pride in his achievements, Bolt represented Jamaica.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Thanks Panasonic

Did you know that room thirteen WON the competition in the top twenty of the storyboard and the movie. A man called Paul came to Point England School to give room thirteen`s prize that prize was amazing and it was a camera and a microphone to use for the camera.

Thank you very much Panasonic and most of all Paul thank you for giving us the camera and microphone. A BIG THANKS TO PAUL AND PANASONIC!!!

Monday, 30 July 2012

My Writing

1. The torch was lit in Greece using the sun to reflect in the mirror that was in the  bowl for the Olympic games

2. Nowadays in Greece, women wearing ancient style robes light up the torch using a curved mirror that reflects the sun. When the women have finished burning the torch then the men go in the boat and travel all the way to london to bring the torch. Ready for the ceremony as they get out of the boat and brings it to another person to do runner to runner in the stadium.

3. The opening ceremony was most important because the torch was there.Including the event,the torch was lit in the stadium for people to see.


Friday, 20 July 2012

The Olympics

Olympism is originally promoted by Coubertin who wanted life and education,sport and culture to unite the world. Participate with excellence,friendship and respect together to celebrate sport.

Winning is striving to get personal goals on the field and giving one's best. Most important is participating in the sport that you are playing.

Men and Women participate with joy in Olympics, with courage and team spirit, giving one's best.Taking care of others in the Olympics with friendship and being nice to others by saying nice things to them.

Olympic spirit is all about respect and taking part with others and using the right attitude during the olympics. Playing fair and respecting the people who are competing against you.

Friday, 29 June 2012

The Ugly Class Room

Did you know that room 13 had to take all the papers and covers off the wall. Our classroom looked like a building that was all brown and a wall that was white like the church walls. As we were taking it off, there was a mess all around our classroom.

The papers with staples, we had to take the staplers out. But Mr .J is coming to take the rest off and the reason why we are taking it off because Mr .J is putting new covers on to make it beautiful and make our class interesting.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Snowy Day

Transforming the landscape, light and fluffy snow lakes tumble like a feather. Sprinkling over the ground, it dissolves slowly. Pristine whiteness covers the city.
Skidding and sliding the cars slipped and slide along the road. There were broken trees filled with ice It was freezing cold the powers were cut and school's over for the day.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mao`s Writing Reflection

Did you like your finished picture?  Yes but it didn't look that nice but it was still good.

What did i do well?   The only thing that i was well at was doing the bold black lines.

What do i need to do better next time?  The thing that I need to work on better Is doing the light to dark.

What I enjoyed?  The thing I enjoyed was painting with the light green colour.

What I didn`t enjoy?  The thing I didn't enjoy was painting the dark to light.

What was hard to get right? The thing that was hard to get  right was doing the dark to light but it was fun.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Composition 4

1, Composition 4 is a mix of  swirling, soaring lines.

 2, The painting is divided strongly two vertical lines on the left side of the painting looks like violent motions. Because it has jagged and sharp lines on the right side of the painting it is expressed with sweeping forms and carm harmonies.

 3, Dividing lines three red hatted men stand by holding their black.swords by the blue mountain above a to them third white bearded cossack stand by with his purple sword.

 4, Lower on the left two boats are dependent.And a rainbow Above them are two houseback cossack in battle in the right two people lie on a hill and two priests stand by.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Wassily Kandinsky was born on December 16  1866 in Moscow, Russia.  His father was a tea merchant and his mother was a homemaker.

From an early age Wassily Kandinsky had a gift  which was synaesthesia cognate. It was the ability to see sound and hear color.

Kandinsky studied economics and law at the University of Moscow then became a professor. In Munich, Germany he studied art. Initially he was interested in creating sketches of human bodies

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Swimming Story

Did you know that room 13 walked to the pools with excitement  and happiness as we went through the  hallway all we can smell was the water we went to get rinsed after that we went to the pools

As we hoped in the pools the first thing we did was the crocodile hands and had to swim to the island and swim back listening to ben wasn't good because we were moving around in the pools.

Then we  did a starfish float with ben as swimming to the island it was fun trying to reach the ground in the middle of the pools,next we did some rocket arms but the only thing was that we had to not take a breath.Finally we just had a little fige around the pools and talking when ben was trying to teach us then it was time to get out of the pools and get dress back to our uniform now we went back to school.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Maths Timetables

There are 3 houses and each house has 4 many windows are there all together.3x4=12

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Flower Artwork

Painting my background was simple we had to slip slop up and down the colors  we used were green and blue.

As my painting was dry I had to fold the tissues into a petal it was difficult to do.    

Finally I painted my petals with different colors.

Now it was time to dry it up.

But all of the tissues were strewn on the floor it was fun doing art work.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Melted Crayon.

Art Alive, is what we are learning this  term . Art is about drawing cool things for this
term. my class and i decided to do a  fun experiment.all together with my class.

The first thing we did was get into groups we,had to get a canvas to melt our crayons,then we
all got given a crayon box we had to go off and do what we are told. we glued our crayons on
the cardboard .After that one person had to paint the word onto the paper
then we started to melt our crayons on the
canvas looking at the bright colors! When we melted the crayons it trickled down the canvas
the color mixed all together it was slimy tribbling down it was fun.

Then we had to dry it it was fun sela was taking a
photo. The last thing was to take a photo it was heaps of fun.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Drawing apparatus

Drawing Apparatus

The movie that i wached was really cool it had a pen and a spinning taype it was drawing like magic when i saw it drawing on a peace of paper, then when it was finished it looked like a basket it was lovely .

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Candy Dragon

In a busy Chinese market there was an old man that melted sugar in a pan. Scooping and dripping the hot sugar on to a flat peace of paper, he drew a dragon. Carefullyp he placed a stick onto the design and made a lollipop.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Massive Hippo

As the small boat passed y the hippos,a massive beast leapt up to devend its territory.Gathering speed,the tourist boat sped away from the advancing hippos.Surprisingly,hippos are the second most deadly wild animal.

Monday, 13 February 2012

My Holiday

My family and I went to the beach and sat under the tree then we ate. After that I went for a swim with my brother, we had a fantastic day at the beach. When arriving back home I was surprised to come back home to see our puppy sleeping. The next day I was sick and sad,and not feeling good.


Running over the opisition line,we scored a home run and cheered .

Outside on the field,we got ready to play cricket.

Carefully throwing the ball towards the target , it smashed down.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Saturday, 21 January 2012

My First Blog Post

I now have my own blog!
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