Thursday, 26 March 2015

Polyfest Recount

On Thursday 19th of March, the Pt England Intermediate senior block had an amazing opportunity to go to the 2015 Polyfest Diversity stage. While we got prepared in the morning we all got into little groups with various parent helpers who helped us go to Polyfest. Once we got into our groups we quickly had to go sit in to the street (working space) and wait for the next thing that will happen.

Later on that day, Mrs Nua came along and told us various instructions to follow such as to remember where we come from and who we are representing, once she finished speaking she walked out and the rest of the intermediate block had to all go with our groups one by one to the bus, once we got to the bus we all lined up ready to walk into the bus doors, later on we were all prepared and ready to go to Polyfest.

While we were on the bus we were all chatting amongst ourselves, later we finally arrive at Manukau where the Polyfest event was happening, once we got there we all had to walk out quietly to the back entrance and we had to check our bags by the security guards, afterwards while we finished checking our bags we had to wait for the rest of the senior block to arrive we waited for a while, while we were waiting we just talked to each other, a few minutes later we just walked through the entrance because the other senior block came through the front entrance.

Once we got through the back entrance we made our way to the big ASB tent and sat in front of it, once we sat down onto the grass we waited for a while, then a girl came out and was speaking loudly telling us various things, later on she asked us “Who do you think the special guest will be?” a raise of hands go up, and they start saying answers, once everyone finished answering she finally told us that our special guest is “John Key”, everyone starts clapping then there comes John Key with a big camera crew on both sides of him.

Later on while he finished speaking we all went with our parent helpers to various stations and experienced different things, once we finished going to different stations we stopped by at Flava and played games with the adults, then we got to take a photo once we finished we all had to walk back to the big ASB yellow tent and sit down for morning tea.

When we finished eating our morning tea, we moved to some more stations, once we finished we went around with our parent helper to more stations but different ones, once we all finished going to the stations we got the opportunity to go to the tongan stage and see whats up, once we got there there was no one there because they were getting ready for the next day, so we went to the ice block truck and got a ice block once we got our ice blocks we finally left to the Maori stage to gather up ready for us to leave, once we got there the teachers just told us the next thing to do.

Once everyone was at the Maori stage we finally got to leave, so we left out the front entrance and waited for the buses to come, we waited for a long time in the hot sun, sooner the buses came and picked us up, I had fun at Polyfest and the best thing ws that I got to spend time with my friends.

Thursday, 12 March 2015