Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Writing Punctuation Activity

“GET UP, GET UP” shouted Mum its time for school “ok” said Nina, as Nina got up she gently trotted to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and also washed her face as she finished she wiped her face with the towel and walked back to her room to put her clothes on, after that she put her t-shirt on then her shorts then her jumper as she put her shoes on her mother shouted “Nina come and eat breakfast” “ok” said Nina “just wait” so as she finished putting on her shoes she went to eat breakfast afterwards she walked to school.

Writing Sample

I grew up as a student at Pt England School, it is a really special place for me because it has been open for years and years, also they have started a new intermediate there, I have been to Pt England School since I was five and that is why it is special to me and my family, my family really loves Pt England School  and I do to.

We also have a Pt England Way in our school it is all about Respecting others in different ways by using Empathy caring for each other and also helping one another, we also have a Principal who cares very much for the teachers and the students his name is Mr Burt,  he has been at that school for years he has worked very hard to to make Pt England a better school.

There are also  alot of classes they are building and a little bit of new teachers who have started Pt England School, also our school has Athletics on term 4 and we also have Cross Country on term 3 and that is near the end of the year Athletics is when you do different sports.

Our school has alot of technology to teach kids how to use it, years 4 to 8 have netbooks but first each kid has to pay their own netbook throughout  the year, and that is why we also have special teachers who help through the year with sports and all sorts of things that happen at Pt England School.

We also have Prefects who care about Pt England and try their best  to look after the school, also we have ambassadors who go to many different places and talk about what Pt England school does throughout the year, and last but not least House Captains who also work very hard towards the upcoming events through the year each kid in the school gets put into a house color, the house colors are Te Arawa, Takitimu,Tainue,and Maatatua these are the colors of each house in the school.

My experience throughout this year is to never give up on school because once you go to college and then drop out how are you gonna get a job and have your own  house, that is why you always come to  School to learn not to muck around and that is what I have learnt through this year and also making sure that you have the right attitude class cause most kids go straight to DETENTION I learnt alot of new things and new rules in Pt England School,  “Why Not You Have a try at Coming Here And See What It Is Like”?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Skills For Adolescence

This is my activity I did for Skills For Adolescence...HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!

Times Tables

2 Times Tables.


3 Times Tables.


4 Times Tables.


5 Times Tables.



This is my Fractions answering for Maths it has diffrent questions, hope you enjoy!

Fia Fia Night

Before trotting onto the stage my palms got sweaty and and hot it felt like i was burning as I saw the big crowd of people,  as I gazed up ready to dance it felt like I was in a dream but no it was real I felt determined ready to dance at the front of millions of people.

After our performance I felt so happy because now and on we don't need to practise or get busy into fia fia it felt so good that night, because there were a lot of people who came to support Point England School that lovely wednesday night.

The thing I have learnt from Fia Fia is to always be proud and just be proud of who you are and also where you come from also to show Respect to others and different groups that are performing.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Fiafia Coming Up

On Wednesday the 9th of April we are having our Fiafia it will be held outside on the fields but there will be a stage built in the field there will be stalls on the courts like a cup cake stall a ice cream stall so remember to come along if you you want it`l be LOADS OF FUN!

Thursday, 3 April 2014



#1,  3/4 of 16=4
#2,  2/5 of 10=2
#3,  2/3 of 15=5
#4,  3/5 of 50=10
#5,  6/10  of 20=2
#6,  3/4 of 20=5
#7,  3/5 of 30=6
#8,  2/3 of 30=10
#9,  4/5 of 15=3

Reading Activity

Looking at the image on the front page and the title of the text, how do the two support one another? It looks like the Mother and the Father split up because the three kids are in the car with the mother and the mother looks unhappy because they are leaving the father.

Where were the family initially living, what do you think life was like living at such a place? The family lived in a sheep Farm with their Father who owned the farm, I think it is really hard living their because they do to much work like waking up early in the morning.

Where had the boys and mum moved to after his parents split up? They moved to a flat in Wellington where they can live apart from the father.

What is a council flat? A council flat is a flat where there are only three or two bedrooms also it means that the family can pay a little but the council can pay the rest.

Do you think his little sister knew what was happening between mum and dad? Use evidence from the text to support your answer. The little sister did not know because she asked her brothers “why cant Dad come with us”.

What was the young boy wandering? He wondered the same thing, If he and mum could not live together anymore, why can't dad come and live next door to us in the city.

Why does it say “the morning we left when we were sitting in the car dad through the window and kissed all of us, even mum”? Why did the author mention “even mum separately and say the word even? What is the author implying? Because he still loves her and the kids and also he will miss mum too.

For what reason would the young boy have cried? how did he deal with his emotions instead of crying? He thought he might cry but he did not instead he yelled to the kids “SHUT UP AND SIT BACK IN YOUR SEATS PROPERLY”.


Why was the new place in Wellington not too bad? Because he still missed his father and his pet (Kunikuni) also feeding the lambs.

What sound did the young boy even get used to while staying at his new place in Wellington?  He got used to the rubbish truck waking him up at 6:30 in the mornings with its air brakes hissing.

For what reason do you think it took the young boy a few weeks before he began to miss everything and the ways things were before?  Because he liked hearing the different languages also smelling the other peoples cooking also enjoying the twilight and being nosy.

What does the word ‘miserable’ mean? it means unhappy and uncomfortable.

If you were in the same shoes as this boy how would you feel going through all of this within such a short amount of time - (Use your empathy skills) I will comfort him and help him be happy by visiting his father and staying there for a few weeks then come back to the flat.

Why do you think mum was always checking up on the young boy after he cried and told her how upset he was? Because she does not want him to be unhappy at the flat she wants him to forget about the past and start again.

What are two things he did like about being in the units? For what reason do you think he liked this? Because he likes to walk around and also he likes smelling the other peoples food.


So far think what emotions is the author making the reader feel by reading this text? It is making the reader miserable and stink.

Who has the author portrayed as being an upset and sad character, how do you know this?  The author is talking about Cherie and her emotions in the book.

Judging from the boy stopping a fight and helping Tomo out, what do we know about his personality?  He is caring and kind also he does not want to get into trouble.

What was Tomo? What does this word mean? It is a list of characters.

For what reason did Tomo, the young boy and Meilai stick together? They stayed together as a group so no one gets hurt.

Why was Wednesday their favourite day? Because it was Laundry day.

What did the boy and Tomo do when they saw some young children tagging? Did they do the right thing? Justify your answer. They Broke up the fight because as they were tagging the boys beat up this foreign kid.

How did the boy slowly begin to warm up to being in Wellington? He stopped feeling so bad about living in the city.

What do you think the author is trying to say in this story - have a think about all of the boy’s feelings and emotions, what helped him get through this rough time? He became friends with other kids in the hood and they had fun hanging out together.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My School Highlight For Term 1

My favourite highlight for this year was starting Technology at Tamaki College with some Year 8`s every Tuesday morning we walk down to Tamaki College we all split up into three groups and these are the groups Hard Material, Graphics and last of all Cooking and I really ENJOY doing Graphics with Mr Pineda because he is really talented at Art and we also enjoy his activities he gives to the students and I.

Times Tables

This is my Maths Presentation and it is all about times tables 2 to 6...Hope you ENJOY!!!