Monday, 30 July 2012

My Writing

1. The torch was lit in Greece using the sun to reflect in the mirror that was in the  bowl for the Olympic games

2. Nowadays in Greece, women wearing ancient style robes light up the torch using a curved mirror that reflects the sun. When the women have finished burning the torch then the men go in the boat and travel all the way to london to bring the torch. Ready for the ceremony as they get out of the boat and brings it to another person to do runner to runner in the stadium.

3. The opening ceremony was most important because the torch was there.Including the event,the torch was lit in the stadium for people to see.


Nikita said...

Hi Mao,

I loved your story it was amazing.You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep It up.

from Nikita

Emanuelle said...

Dear Moa,
I liked your writing about the big torch,because it is very cool and interesting.

From: Emmy in room 14.

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