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Maths Presentation

This is a Maths Presentation it is about solving multiplication questions.

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Maths Activity

This is my Maths Activity about Ways To Show A Number.

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Popplet Word

This is a picture of my Popplet the word we have to compos about is the word Want..Hope You Enjoy!

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Basketball Presentation

This is a Basketball Presentation about some facts that are about Basketball...Hope You Enjoy!!! :D


Last week was class 3  had there last session at The Life Education Trust  caravan, The purpose of the Life Education caravan is that it helps you through your life it also teaches you lessons about choosing the right decisions and also not to take drugs while you are  still in college because it affects your daily lives and affects your brain including your heart. It also affects your eye vision and how you walk, also if you are drunk you can easily get scars and wounds on your body during a party or as you are at a club.

The Life Education caravan is filled with photos and pictures of drugs and alcohol there is also a TV screen where Lynn show us videos of people who went through drugs and alcohol through their lives and how it affected them. We learnt about Drugs and Alcohol and how it affects our daily lives, drugscan lead to death and,  Alcohol can affect how you walk and how you also talk to others.

Once you take drugs you straight away get addicted to it and you start to take it every second of the day and you start to lose control of yourselves and also  start to hurt people around you. As you drink alcohol it forces you to walk different ways and it can also make you fall asleep or be drunk.

Making decisions is very hard because if some of your friends tell you to take alcohol and its very hard to say no to a friend. Also its hard to make decisions incase someone tells you to eat something but they say that it is very healthy for you then you eat it and start to get dizzy and also you start to lose control.

The Brain is a very important body part in you body because it shows signals for what you can eat or what you can't eat it is also very important because its tells you what to do and it also tells you right or wrong. The brain shows you how to think and also what to do when you are lost in a maths equation.

We learnt very good lessons there because it teaches us how to take care of ourselves when we need help and it also helps us throughout long lives as we are living I also learnt that taking drugs can lead to death because its not healthy for your body it also can damage the brain selles.

Maths Presentation

This is a Maths presentation about Subtracting... hope you enjoy!!!

Reading Activity

Reading Activity

Explore the history of Karate (doing your own research):
Find out five facts and state them:
1, Karate is famous in Japan
2, you have to be very fit.
3, you always have to practise.
4,you have to be serious.
5,You have to eat healthy food.

What is the purpose of Karate? It is Defence. You do not use Karate to attack someone first but to defend yourself if they attack you.

What is ‘dojo’? It is a training hall;Sounds like “doe-jo.

For what reason is it important to bow in karate? It is important because maybe you're showing respect to your coach.

Explore the culture of Japan, in what other instances do they bow?  
1, They bow for respect.
2, they bow because they are ready.
3, they are bow because it is traditional.

What does a ‘belt’ represent? A belt represents what grade you are fighting at or what stage you are fighting at.

There are levels of belts in karate, what are the levels and what does each one represent? (You will need to do some of your own research)
1, There is a white Belt.
2, There is a gold belt.
3, There is a green belt.
4, there is a purple belt.
5, There is a blue belt.
6, There is a red belt.
7, there is a brown belt.
8, there is a Black belt, It is the highest belt in Karate, The highest level.

Explain a sempai? A “Sempai” is a mentor or a senior.

For what reason is it important that people warm up prior to karate? They warm up because warm ups develop strength. They stretch the muscles ready for a hard workout.

What are some other sports and activities that people warm up in?

1, Running.
2, Rugby.
3, Netball.
Rugby League.
4, Tennis.
5, Boxing.
Explain all of the moves in karate:
Explain it well so that your audience can imagine it.

1, There is a Move that is called Frontal Kick, Frontal Kick is when you kick forward but hard.
2, There is a move that is called Roundhouse Kick, Roundhouse Kick is when you spin around and kick.

How can one prevent themselves from getting an injury from Karate? They use defense. You do NOT use karate to attack someone but first defend yourself if they attack you.

Jzarahr competed in a tournament, how did she do in the tournament? She competed in the New Zealand Nationals. She won a Bronze Medal.

What advice could you give someone who was about to compete in a sports tournament?
To play fair. and to never give up also to always be respectful to your opponents.

Read Jzarahr’s interview state three facts about her.
1, She didn't know the moves or what to do. But she picked it up.
2, She likes to eat Sushi and Thai Food.
3, She really likes dogs and horses.
4, She has two cats at home.
5, She wants to be a veterinarian.

Karate is a sport from Japan, what are some sports from other countries around the world?
1, Basketball was invented in Springfield, Massachusetts.
2, Netball was invented in U.S.A.

Who is Sa Johnson? State three facts about him.
1, Sa is the coach.
2, He teaches karate.
3, He teaches them how to kick.

From reading the text do you think Karate is difficult? Why/why not?
I think it is difficult because you have to learn how to kick high stuff.
And no its not because you can compete against others in other different countries.

Why do you think karate would be an important skill to have? State your reasons and why.
I think it is important because you can use it if someone tries to attack you.

Research and find one famous person who has a black belt and is excellent at Karate.
State five facts about them.

1,Name:Kotani Sumiyuki
2,He received the rank of the 10th Dan in april 1984.
3,He died on October 19, 1991.
4, He would practise with every powerful and skilful judoka.
5, He graduated from Tokyo College of Education.

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Ways To Show A Number

This is a Maths Activity that I am doing during Maths Times...Hope You Enjoy!

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Kiwi Kids News

Public health experts are calling for unhealthy rinks to be taken out of saturday sport games because a recent study from Otago University has showed that many of the sports drinks that children use on sports days are filled with lots of sugar.

Most of the children with the survey thought that the drinks were good for them because they were all packaged and advertised as helping people play sports better. The searcher , Moira Smith, Said “Drinks were putting kids to risks of obesity and tooth decay.

Dr.Smith said “Children who play sports on a saturday morning do not need sports drinks for Re-hydration. For any activity up to 90 minutes long water is the best option for children.


This is my Popplet about the word "Change".

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Solving Addition Problems

This is a Maths Presentation about Solving Addition problems, Hope You Enjoy.

Basketball Explanation

Did you know? that Basketball was originated in 1891, and was invented by a man named Dr.James Naismith the reason why he made the sport  Basketball was because they needed an outside game during winter. Dr. James Naismith made 13 rules for the sport basketball so that they can play fair. When the sport Basketball was invented the ball was colored brown.

The first Basketball game was held on 1982 when the courts were half a size of the courts we use today. Did you know? that Michael Jordan is one of the best Basketball players around the globe, with the record score of 5,987 which made him a legend of Basketball. The first invented hoop was like a peach with a bottom and every single time a team scored the referee has to climb on a ladder to get the ball.

The woman's first basketball game was held in 1892 and some rules were confirmed to the fit woman. The game was made an Olympic sport in Berlin, Germany 1936. The game Basketball is still been played by athletic fit people who love the sport Basketball.

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Reading Activity

Reading Activity

Referring to the title of the text what do you think the article is about? I think it is about a sport game.

Why do Saturday’s start early for Alice? Because she plays football (soccer) for her team and she has to do some trainings.

What does Alice enjoy being a part of, for what reason do you believe she enjoys this? She enjoys being part of the football (soccer) team because she enjoys being part of the backline.

What does the goal weigh? It weighs a ton. What do you think Ashleigh is doing when she says this. Think about if the goal were to literally weigh this, would it be even possible for Ashleigh to lift it? I think she is trying to show that she can do it.

How do you think the girls are feeling prior to their game? I think their feeling determined about their game.  Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feeling/ how do you feel before playing a netball or rugby game? I would feel shy but at the same time determined.

“Jessica jumps high and deflects the ball” what does this mean? Deflect means something that causes the ball to go a different direction.

What are the girls doing prior to their game starting? Refer to the images at the top of page 6. For what reason are they doing this? They practise dodging backwards, forwards and sideways.

Frank urges the girls to not give up, what does it mean when you urge someone to do something? I think it means you're pushing someone to do something.

In most sports games there is always a referee, what is the role of the referee? It is when you ref the game by telling someone to do something.  Why is a referee so important? Because the referee sees if your playing fair and he also can see if your doing the right stuff so that you dont cheat.

What are three very important characters a person needs to have to be part of a sports team. Partnership, Participation, and Protection.

Who is Cara Telea, state five facts about her.
1. She plays in the Football team (soccer)
2. She is the team captain.
3. She tells them when to train.
4. she trains hard for the team.
5. she likes playing football (soccer)

From reading the text, do you think soccer is a difficult game to play? Why/why not. I think it is because you have to always train and train at the same time its not because the only thing you're doing is kicking the ball.

Why do you think soccer is more popular in some countries instead of some others? Because it maybe was originated in that country and it is new to some countries.

Who is a famous soccer player, state five facts about them.
Name: Luis Suarez
1. He is a professional soccer player.
2. He played in the Fifa World Cup.
3. he was born on 24th of January 1987
4. Luis won the football league cup.
5. He had a surgery on his left knee.

From reading the text we know that different soccer players have different positions, what do you think would be the most difficult position to play and why? It would be the defensive position because you have to defend the person to get the ball.

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Life Education Trust

On the first week of term one The Life Education Trust came to Pt England School the lady who took the the lessons was named Lynn she taught us about some new things for us to keep working on throughout our life, The thing that the Yr 7s and 8s learnt about was drugs and also alcohol and how it affects our daily lives. Alcohol affects us by making us die if you take more and more a day it affects how you hear, speak, and  it also affects your eye visioning.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Reading Activity

The text, has been retold but Sue Gibbison, however it is based on someone elses version. What do we know about stories that are retold? What is another name of them?
A story that is retold is maybe like a myth that was passed on for generations.

Give an example of a folk story that you know. What is the main idea and event of that story. See if you can research and find the history of that story?

Identify all words within the text that you are unsure of and research to find the meanings of them.
Ki: Means a Kete or a Basket.
Manu Tagata: A kite big enough to carry a person.
Hokioi: Means a eagle.

For what reason had put a spell on the forest? - what is this a common case of? It put a spell on the forest so that Rahi can see clearly through the skies.

Why had the god of wind sent a breeze that lifted Rahi? So that he can see his wife and also so that he can follow the silver breeze trail.

Who helped Rahi he he was dehydrated and exhausted? For what reason do you think this character helped Rahi?  The tohunga helped Rahi so that he can be warmed with her feathers, because he was really thirsty and also hungry.

Who trapped Rahi, how did Rahi escape? An enormous lizard trapped Rahi by circling a rock , digging a deep tunnel and also filled the tunnel with water and swam around the rock....Rahi was Trapped.

Is this story realistic?  Why/ why not? Yes because it shows alot of things that are interesting and realistic.

Select a character from the text, you need to include the following information about this character: their name, description, age, likes, dislikes, personality and why you selected this character.  
Rahi, Hes strong and he also looks for his wife, he is aged 26 years, he likes  journeys, he doesn't like lizards because they trapped him in the tunnel, he's very outgoing and I picked this character because he is te main one.

Screenshot 2014-08-07 at 9.52.16 AM.png

Retell the main events in the text:  Along time ago Rahi`s wife got washed away in the silver breeze and it was Rahis job to look for her in the forest because someone put a spell on it for her to get washed away.

Where had Rahi and his people found Ti Ara? They found her at the Volcano where she was hiding.

What had they done once they had found her? For what reason do you think they did this? When they found her they gathered on the shores of the lake that had formed around the rock where Rahi had been trapped.

What does Ki represent in Ki-O-Rahi? The Ki in the game represents the Ki in which Rahi carried the eggs in.

What does Rahi represent in Ki-O-Rahi? It represents the  story based on Rahi and Ti ara his wife.

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Maths Activity

This is a Picture about my Maths Activity and how to solve it.

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Reading Activity

Sam joined the running team when he started university. .True
The world championships were in Cancun. .True
Triathlons consist of swimming, cycling and long jump.  .False
The day before the race Sam injured his big toe. .False
Sam found reading and writing difficult at school. False
A wetsuit is a cotton suit for wearing in the rain. False

What do the Greek words tri…………and athlon……..........mean.
(Tri) Means Three and (Athlon) means Contest
(2) Name the 4 things that make a good athlete (pg 14). Now explain
what each word/term means. Use a dictionary/thesaurus for help. You need to have 1)Motivation, Means a reason or a reason for acting or behaving in a particular way.
2) Dedication, Means The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.
3) Commitment, Means Engagement or Obligation that restricts freedom of action.
4) And last of all......A Desire To WIN, Desire means a strong feeling of you wanting something badly.

What you ‘picture or vision’ a triathlete to look like in your mind.
State why this look this particular way.
What they are wearing this.
Why are they wearing these particular clothes.
They may be or look muscular or lean - why do they look this way.

A Basketball player needs to be fit and needs to drink alot of water and eat lots of healthy food like vegetable he/she also needs to be co-operative and also needs to be respectful to others as they are playing they also need to play fair.

Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games referred to as the friendly games, The first games were held in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada where 11 countries sent 400 Athletes to take part in six sports and 59 events. Edinburgh hosted the games in 1970 and 1986. The 2002 in Manchester saw for the first time full medal events for Elite Athletes.

The first Commonwealth games were held in 1930 in Hamilton In Canada where 11 counties sent 400 athletes to take part in 6 sports and 59 events. The Commonwealth is a unique family of 53 developed and developing countries, This event has taken place in different countries and also places every 4 years.

These are the sports they play in the Commonwealth Games, Athletics, Table Tennis, Cycling Mountain Bikes, Triathlon, Squash, Cycling Road, Gymnastics Artistics, Netball, Rugby Sevens, Cycling Track, Diving, Powerlifting, Badminton, Shooting, Lawn Bowls, Hockey, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, Swimming, Gymnastics Rhythmic and lat of all weight lifting.

The country that has the most Gold Medals are England with a total of 58 gold medals, The second country with the most Gold Medals are New Zealand with a total of 14 gold medals, There are alot of countries after the gold medals. The 3rd place ets a bronze medal, The 2nd place gets a silver medal and last of all the 1st place gets a godl medal.

World War

Today commemorates the hundredths year since our soldiers went to World War 1, many of the soldiers died during the World War because they forted for their country, all the schools around the world have half masted their flags.