Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Changes For 2014

Next Year I am looking forward to going Tech we will be doing wood work and cooking also I will be looking forward to the Year 8 Prefects for next year also I would like to be in room 21.

The reason why I would like to be in room 21 is because my favourite teacher is Mrs Langitupu I will be so happy to be in her class my favourite subject is reading and writing.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Adding Detail To Sentences

W.A.L.T,  Adding Different Sentences to the Beginning, Middle and End.

At camp Bentzon Mr Jacobsen was our coach on the confidence course.

Mr Jacobsen was our coach which was good  on the confidence course.

Mr Jacobsen was our coach on the confidence course which was climbing activities.

As we were on the beach  I was nervous about sailing on camp.

I was nervous because I didn't listen about sailing on camp.

I was nervous about sailing on camp because I have never done it before

On a sunny day We went abseiling.

We went abseiling because it was one of our activities

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Camp Bentzon

Next Week we will be leaving to Camp Benzon it is in north Cove we will be doing activities like Swimming,Burma Trail and Kayaking, I am most looking forward to Abesailing because I have never done it before and i`d like to have a try.

Monday, 11 November 2013


On a cloudy sunday, We went to church me and my family first we got dressed then we did a prayer then we got our scriptures organised and left, As we got to church we looked for a seat to sit on so we found a seat then we were seated. A couple of minutes later our Bishop came, A Bishop is like a person who looks after everyone but he doesn't own the church, So he first spoke to us then he did announces to tell us what is happening in the church and around the church.

So as he finished speaking we took one whole hour of sitting there also singing there and listening to the testimonies that were given to the audience, A couple of minutes later we went to Sunday School and had a little lesson it was about how did people get lives, Well people got lives by God he made the earth,  Did you know that one leaf you might of helped God do it? since I am Mormon I am proud.

As we finished sunday school we went down stairs and had a close up so we can go home and have something to eat, So as we got down stairs we had to wait for the teacher to come and tell us to come in so we went in and did some activities.  We had to decorate some Rocks with stickers and paper also using diamonds and smiley faces at the end we can take it home to decorate our house.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Strange Noises

One sunny day a little girl named Sally went out to check on the sheep, She was just skipping although her dad did not know that she was outside. She woke up really early at 7:30 just to play outside and check on the sheep  her dad was still sleeping but she was out. No one saw her walk into the shed where the sheep get shorn, She was looking for the sheep but there were no sheep around.

As she walked back out the shed she heard a whisper coming from the big hill she said “Who is it “ nothing replied so she kept quiet. Until someone shouted out loud “OVER HERE”. She looked nothing was there she got scared really scared. She thought that it was her dad  then she said to herself “No because dad is sleeping he would not  come out and scare me like that”. So she started to run back to the house but that whisper came back.

The whisper replied “Sally Sally help” Sally turned around and she saw a head she screamed”AHHH” and ran back inside.  She ran straight to her dad and said”Dad Dad I heard someone it was calling me and saying help help”.  Her dad looked at her and said “ what are you doing it is so early”. Go to bed but sally said “ NO” and walked out really grumpy also really tired.

She just said” I will show you come” so her dad went outside with her and looked she said “ right there “.  Her dad  walked towards it and said “Ohh that is not a head that is a fake head it is just a head from a big doll. What doll? “Ohh it was this doll i got for you when you were 4 but you did not like it so you chucked it away.  When you were 8 now your just 10. But she said”No there was a whisper and I think it came from this doll”.

So her dad and her walked back to the house, Then a whisper came back saying”Help Help over here under the tree”. She said “ there dad there” and her  dad said “ is that a boy” “yes it is” said Sally “lets go “. So they walked to the boy and said “ Are you ok” “No” he said,  Sally said”what is your name”?. He said “ my name is Mat I got lost” “ how” said Sally. So they picked him up and called the ambulance to come because he had scratches and some blood patches. So the ambulance arrived and took Mat so he can be treated well in Hospital.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Paragraph Rubric

On a lovely morning day Tom went out to play on the quad bike, as he was riding he was also very happy,there was a bump on the other side he did not see it but others did, like his friends they saw but Tom did not, so he kept riding then he stopped for a rest,  as he was resting his friends said” Hey Tom “ but Tom could not hear he was so far down that he couldn't hear anything,  so as  he finished drinking his drink bottle he got back on the quad bike and sped off really fast.

So he kept riding and all his friends were just worried that he might get hurt, but Tom turned back around and started riding to them then he stopped and got off the quad bike and  said “Do You Guys Want A Turn” no thanks but thanks for asking, So he got back on the quad bike, and his friends said to him “be careful of that bump” then Tom said” What bump it is ok I`ll be alright see you later”.
Tom said in his head what bump he was quite far away from it,  but he just kept riding then he got closer to the bump and went right over it then he fell and the quad bike fell on him then he SCREAMED for help then all his friends came and they all said” Tom are you ok “ and  Tom just cried and said “ GET THIS THING OFF ME” they all looked and the dad got there and said “Tom Tom” so the dad called the ambulance and they rushed to the farm and tried pushing it off him, so they pushed harder and it got off but Tom had scratches all over his legs then he got rushed to hospital.


This is my Presentation.

Big Day For Emily

On an October spring morning  Emily felt free to run around and play with all her other friends, she lives in Molesworth Station. She has a big patch of wool on her body it is hot and uncomfortable for her to walk around in. Also she enjoys eating they have wool so that they are warm and comfortable,but every year their wool gets sheared off.

There is green grass for them to graz in if they felt really hungry, most of the time they enjoyed the nice windy air.As Emily was grazing she heard a fourwheeler bike coming as she looked it had two dogs, all of a sudden she started to run the farmer hopped off his four wheeler and whistled to his dogs to go and chase them.They all stopped and looked the dog got closer and  closer  to them so they started to run faster.

Emily was worried and frightened as she saw the Dog. She ran so fast that she could not stop all her other friends were scared to. They looked back and the Dogs were not tired of running  the dogs chased them into the pen.She thought that the dog was gonna jump on top of her so she kept running until she got there.

As the sheep got to the pen they were confused and scared because they did not know what to do. They had to wait until they get inside to get sheared. They were also hot and tired at the same time as they were waiting.

When they got there they had to wait for their turn. As they were waiting some were happy and some were not some were just tired and hot also still confused. Some dogs hopped on top of them so they do not run away.

So as they have finished waiting they have to go into the shed where they get shorn, some go in and some still have to wait to go inside for their turn, a couple of them were still afraid and scared with all the others.

The first one goes in and is really scared, Then the shorner gets her and holds her hand and her leg so she stays still,  she is really uncomfortable and upset because her back is on the floor and it hurts.

After been shorn they all start running back out to the field and feeling really happy, but some are still getting shorn and still scared, some sheep when they come out they have cuts and there's little tiny blood dots around them.

As they finished getting shorn they felt free to run around again and play around again also feel free to eat.