Friday, 27 June 2014



On Tuesday class 3 went to the Glen Innes, pools for swimming lessons. There were instructors who took lessons with our class there were two groups. Group one and group two. Group one swam in the big pools but group two swam in the medium pool, I didn't swim so I sat on the side on the chairs and watched the others swim.

 There were different lanes and various activities to do and do such as, kicking with two legs or floating on your back and using your legs to kick up and down the lane. Meanwhile as I was sitting on the side I saw the swimmers paddling and kicking.

As they were kicking splashes, splashed on the side
of the path way it had lots of slippery patches where people had to carefully walk by. Some people were exhausted and tired of swimming because some of them were not allowed to touch the ground while swimming.

Meanwhile sitting on the side there were public people swimming as well as Class 3. The swimmers did lots of different swimming lessons such as the Backstroke also the Freestyle and Floating on their back and kicking.

Finally finishing off their swimming lessons Miss Clark called out to them and said “Hop out of the pool and get ready, quick!!!”. Afterwards they hopped out of the pools and quickly walked slowly to the changing room and got ready, so we can get back to school in time as the bell rang for school to finish.

Walking back to school most of the kids were exhausted and tired of swimming, as we got to class our teacher quickly rushed and opened the door for us to get in. As we got in Miss Clark handed out the notices and talked to us about what we need for the next day.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Maths Partitioning

1) 136+54=190

2) 156+68=224

3) 138+67=205

4) 158+92=250

Monday, 16 June 2014

Kiwi Kid News

Kiwi kids news - Week 7

1. A trust has been launched to over sea an important New Zealand anniversary in 2019. What will New Zealand be celebrating?
a. 150 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ
b. 250 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ
c. 350 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ

2. Who did Brazil play in their opening game of the World Cup?
• a. England
• b. Chile
• c. Croatia

3. What caused the Auckland Harbour bridge to be temporarily closed last week?
• a. high winds affecting traffic
• b. repair work
• c. road workers protesting against a wage decrease

4. At which venue is the national Fieldays agricultural show held each year?
• a. Claudelands Showgrounds
• b. Mystery Creek
• c. the Hamilton Rose Gardens

5. In which country was the main airport attacked by terrorists?
• a. India
• b. Pakistan
• c. Egypt

6. Why has Dan Carter been in the news recently?
• a. he is returning to NZ rugby
• b. he has announced he will be playing for a rugby club in Japan this season
• c. he is planning to switch the position he plays in

7. Why has the head boy at Marlborough Boys College been hailed as a hero?
•a. he dragged a women from a burning house
•b. he has donated a kidney to a fellow student
•c. he helped rescue a girl who was being swept down a swollen river

8. What is the main language spoken on the island of Santorini?  .Greek

9. What is the name of New Zealand’s base in Antarctica that is getting a $3.9 million refurbishment?
• a. Hillary Base
• b. Scott Base
• c. Kiwi Base

10.True or false, after being found guilty of filing a false donations declaration John Banks has resigned as an MP?  :True

11.Why has Wellington’s version of the “Hollywood” sign been given a revamp?
• a. it was damaged in high winds
• b. it has been painted a different colour after motorists complained it was too distracting
• c. the W has been changed to a V to promote a new movie

12.How much money is Kim Dotcom offering as a reward for anyone who can provide information that will help his court case?
• a. $500,000 b. $5 million c. $10 million

13.True or false, Christchurch has announced it will no longer fund the Ellerslie Flower  Show? :True

14.Why was the Solomon Islands in the news last week?
•a. an outbreak of diarrhoea is creating a health crisis
•b. rioting has broken out at their only prison
•c. John Key has visited and committed an extra $2 million in emergency funding

15.What type of transport is going to be removed from the Wellington streets following a decision by the city council?
• a. skateboards
• b. trolleybuses
• c. mobility scooters

Thursday, 12 June 2014

School Subjects

On school days we we do writing, reading, maths and inquiry. Reading is my favourite because I get 
to learn new words and get to also read more about different things. My next favourite subject is Writing because I get to learn new words and also get to learn how to make new sentences and also get to make my writing better.

Social Writing

Walking back home from school I open the door and shout to my mum “mum im going for a shower” then my mum replies back “ok” afterwards I go for a really quick shower then I go  to my room and look for something to wear.

Suddenly I worried because I don't know what to wear. So I dig through my clothes and look for something that would make me feel comfortable with but I kept worrying because I kept thinking that I would be the only one wearing different clothes.

Later on I found a green pictured jumper, shorts that were brown and up to my knees. Luckily I found something that would be comfortable for me to wear so I put it on and  got ready, but I looked at the time and kept thinking i'm late so I quickly call my dad and say “i'm ready” then he says “ok lets go now” so I quickly hopped into the car and went.

Later on I hopped out of the car and i'm feeling excited and happy at the same time, so I start walking to the hall and see that there were lots of people wearing different clothes so as I walk into the hall and see different decorations and different colored paper hanging on the wall then I hear music that was loud, not that loud.

They were also selling snacks outside the hall for anyone who is hungry or thirsty, the teachers were selling them with other helpers in the hall, including some prefects.

Later on I see my friends running to me and saying “come come, lets go sit over there” then I start walking to the chair and sit down, later on we stand up and start walking around also watching others dance.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


This is my Mathswhizz question that I will be answering for yu so the question says 37-19=18

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Sound Presentation

This is a Presentation about sound and how it is produced...Hope You Enjoy!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Kiwi kids news - Week 6

1. Which industry is considered to be the deadliest in New Zealand?
• a. fishing b. forestry c. dairy farming

2. True or false, the Government will introduce a new policy later this month which will require tourists to sit a driving test before being allowed to drive in New Zealand?

3. Which country is facing allegations of bribery after winning the rights to host the 2022 football World Cup? • a. Australia b. Japan c. Qatar

4. What have police announced they will be introducing to combat speeding?
• a. 200 new road patrol officers that will target known speeding areas
• b. new digital speed cameras that will be introduced across the country
• c. a new law allowing them to confiscate cars from drivers who receive more than two speeding fines in a week

5. The Taliban terrorist group released a video showing the return of a captured American
soldier to US forces. What did they swap him for?
• a. five Taliban members that were detained by the US
• b. weapons - guns and explosives
• c. two Black Hawk helicopters

6. Who said the following in an interview last week: “Here’s the thing, if we are not in it we will never be in it ever again”?
• a. John Key (politician)
• b. Peter Jackson (movie director)
• c. Grant Dalton (sailor)

7. Why has a Coromandel dairy farmer received a $52,500 fine recently?
• a. discharging effluent into a waterway that flows into a harbour
• b. for not providing enough feed for his animals
• c. using water from a local river from irrigation without council consent

5. The Taliban terrorist group released a video showing the return of a captured American
soldier to US forces. What did they swap him for?
• a. five Taliban members that were detained by the US
• b. weapons - guns and explosives
• c. two Black Hawk helicopters

13.True or false, Nigeria has banned protests in the capital by supporters of the 200 kidnapped schoolgirls?

14.How many states does the United States have?
• a. 48
• b. 50
• c. 52

15.Basketball hero Steven Adams returned home to New Zealand last week after his team Oklahoma City Thunder were knocked out of the competition. What food did he say he was craving when he arrived?
• a. a pie
• b. roast lamb
• c. fish and chips

Friday, 6 June 2014

Free Writing

My favourite thing in the holidays is going to church because I learn new things and I also get to experiment new things and I also get to meet new people therefore I also like to listen to the speakers speak because I learn new stuff, and being a Mormon is really cool because I cant wait to serve my mission when I grow up and serve our Heavenly Father.


This is my Mathswhizz question and I am going to answer it for you 46-11=35

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Maths Presentation

This is my Maths Presentation about Multiplication division solving.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Maths Presentation

This is my Maths Presentation about Multiplication, Division Solving.

Sunday, 1 June 2014


This is my question from Mathswhiz and it says 35-11=24

Weekend Highlight?

My weekend highlight was going to church because I learn alot of things from it and also it teaches me good lessons and I also get to do experiments and explore new stuff there. During our class lesson we talked about forgiving others and I learnt that if someone does something bad or hurt your feelings your just gonna have to move on also (Forgive and Forget).