Friday, 28 March 2014

The Life And Story Of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, was born on July 18 1918 in Mvezo,South Africa, he went to the South African Native College and studied law at the University of the Witwatersrand, He later passed the 
qualification exam to become a lawyer.

When he was 9 his father had died he was sent to prison for 27 years 7 years later he became the first black President of South Africa and helped alot of people throughout their lives.

He is always remembered by South Africans and also other people who loved him because Mandela is a man of many achievements he also did a lot of good things in his life and through his life.

Nelson Mandela was famous because he was the First black president of South Africa and most people looked up to him also kids because he showed a really good example for many people in the world, he is also memorable about his quotes, he is also special to because he saved alot of people from their lives and future.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Reading Activity

Reading Activity 2.

Who was the article written by? For what reasons did these people write this article, instead of a writer? Diana Noonan and the children of room 8 Hirangi School, the reason why it was not a writer was because it is a school that did this activity.

Referring to the image and title of the article, what do you think it is about? I think it is about a Hangi and kids that make it also eat it and i also think it is about healthy eating.

Where is the article set? The article is set in the end of Lake Taupo for them to cook their hangi, and eat at the end.

What is a settlement? Tell me two things about a settlement. A settlement is Setting something up, and i also think it is about setting someone down.

What does geothermal mean? Can you name two geothermal towns/cities in NZ? Auckland, and Wellington.

What are the children studying at school? What do you know about this topic? The children are studying about Healthy Food, I know because it says in the text that they are cooking Hangi and that people can bring their own food if they want to or not.

Because they are studying this topic what do you think they are learning? Can you tell me three things about healthy eating? Healthy eating is all about eating the correct stuff like fruits and vegetables also healthy eating is like having exercise and also getting more healthier.

What does their kai have to include? It has to include meat and vegetables.

Where did Mareka get her pork from? Would the meat be fresher because of the way it was caught and where it came from? Mareka dad shot the pig and then Mareka took it with her, also it is Healthier because it is fresh and and also got found hunting.

For what reason do you think they are wrapping the meat in tinfoil? Have you ever cooked or seen anyone cook using tinfoil. For what reason do you think they were using this material when cooking?  They use this to heat the food up also to keep it clean and fresh to eat, also they use this to warm it up for them to eat.


What do they cook the food in? How do you think this cooks the food? They cook it in a Hangi that is made of wood they bring something raw then they put in in the wooden hagi 20 or 30 minutes later it is freshed and cook up ready to eat.

Why do the children not have to worry about their kai burning? because they will put in into the tinfoil to warm up and the burnt parts will be soft and also the kids can just peel it off.

What do you think about this traditional way of cooking? If you had the opportunity to cook in this way would you? Why/why not? No because i don't know how to but yes because my parents can.

How are the locals making money from this way of cooking? They can sell it for money.

What are the benefits of cooking in this way? Not wasting power also the food is fresh to eat because it is Healthier.

Approximately how long does it take for food to cook in this way? Is this the normal amount of time food takes to cook? I think it takes 30 minutes to cook or 15, also because it is cooked outside not inside.

When does the puia become cooler, for what reason does this occurence make it become cooler? They wrap it in Tinfoil to make it cooler and fresh to eat for the kids who make it.

For what reason was some of the food still firm? because it was not cooked properly and it was not wrapped in tinfoil.

Do you think that by cooking in this way the students are eating healthily? YES because it is fresher and healthier for kids.

What were some of the uses for puia, besides cooking? Hangi,potatoes,meat,vegetables.

Hands Up For Henna

Reading Activity 1: Hands Up For Henna?

Looking at the images on the front page, what do you think Henna is? Why do you think this?  I think Henna is a traditional kind of ink for your skin also to make it a body decoration, I think it is because it is mixed flowers and plants and different kind of objects.

What do the words dramatic and decoration mean? Dramatic means to over board, also decorations mean colorful things you can stick around in your house.

Why has Henna been used for hundreds of years in Somalia? because it is a traditional ink for the country and also they have been using it for years and years.

Where is the Henna imported from, why do they not just purchase it in New Zealand? The Henna is imported from Saudi Arabia, Its not difficult to to buy Henna in New Zealand.

What does the Henna powder feel like? What substance has the writer compared Henna to? The Henna powder feels like mud, and the writer has compared it to Black dye and tea.

Why do you think it took so long to draw the outlines for the Henna? Because you have to press hard and it also takes for hours.

What does the writer mean when he says “painstakingly begins to fill the outlines on Asli’s feet”? it means hes doing it gently and slowly because it takes for hours.

What type of traditional elements does the outlines include? (refer to the images) It includes flowers and plants and different other objects.

What do they use when applying the Henna? For what purpose do they use this instead of a small stick? Black Dye and Tea, because they want it to be nice and dark.


What does Asli have to do after the Henna has been applied to her skin? She has to wait for two hours because it takes a really long time to dry up.

Henna has an ‘earthy’ smell, describe what you think this smells like? I think  it smells like the gas that people use for your car.

Baby oil is rubbed into the skin after the Henna has been applied, for what reason do you think they do this? To make it shiny and beautiful for the skin also to make it nice and smooth

How did Asli’s school friends previously react when she last had Henna?  Aslis friends said “cool” but the boys said “what happen to your hands” One of her friends dyed her hair with Henna.

How was Asli’s sister having fun? Is this different to the type of fun you have. How does your activity of fun and Asli’s sisters different? The sister is having fun with the last bit of Henna squeezing it all over one arm and that is why she is having fun.

What is Henna? Henna is a traditional ink that you use for your body in Somalia it is a really dark ink used for body.

Will the tradition of Henna continue? Yes  it will because it has been continuing for years and years and years.

Thursday / Friday

Henna is seen as being traditional, can you elaborate and find examples in the text of how it is traditional? Henna has been used for body adornment for thousands of years in Somalia.

In what countries do they use Henna? Somalia,middle east, north africa, and india.

Do you think because Henna is used on the skin it is encouraging people to get Tattoo’s why / why not? No because it is a body decoration also it is a traditional ink for somalias.

Would you recommend henna to be used by men/ women or both? What is your reasoning for this? Only women and girls because reading back through the story the boys at her school say “what happend to your hands”.

Write a step by step set of instructions at to how Henna is applied. The powder feels gritty, rather like sand, and aslis mother Marion whos going to get the decoration, mixes it with tea, also she mixes Black hair dye with it which will make the final color more intense and give it a glossy shine she mixes it with her fingers scooping it up a slaps it down again to make it look and feel like watery doe then she mixes it with her fingers and slaps it down again then last of all she puts it in a paper cone then its ready to use for body decoration.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Malaysian Airlines

The Malaysian Airlines plane has been missing with 239 people and it is  really sad to hear about ,also some people are asking a lot of questions about it like “are they OK” “are they safe” the saddest part is  that there are two babies on board.

It is really sad because the plane might of fallen into the sea or it might of blown up and got burnt or it has gone upon the clouds also it might of fallen into the sea, but no one has seen it and it is one of the biggest planes in the world.

It has been more than like 2 weeks since the Malaysian Airlines Plane have not been found, and a lot of people are investigating about it also their was a Christchurch man on the airline plane who has not been found also, and many people are getting more scared.

The Malaysian Airlines are still not found and people are getting scared and afraid for their relatives who were in the Airplane, the Airplane is from Kuala Lumpur and it has now vanished, right now people are hunting for the Airplane in different places.

Most families have helped search for the Malaysian Airlines Plane for days and days but still no ones getting near finding it, also there are alot of investigators keen to find the Malaysian Airline Plane.


This is my Popplet that I made the word was HARD and there are 20 words that describe HARD hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Tidy Numbers Activity

This is my activity about Tidy Tens and it is also a Presentation about Tidy Tens, Hope You ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Maths Activity

This is my Maths Activity about dividing and answering............Hope You ENJOY!

Reading Activity

WALT:Use our prior knowledge to apply, analyse and retell events in a story.

Looking at the title of the story and the image on the first page, what is this story about? A camel, because their is a camel on the first page with a red little cover ove it and it also has a fluffy little necklace over its neck.

Why didn’t she say that she had missed mums smell? Because she was to excited.

What did mum put in Jade’s hands? Describe it. Mum came home from Afghanistan with a suvineare for Jade present.

Where do you think Jade’s mother has come home from? Afghanistan.

What country do you think this story is set in, what is your reason for this? The story was set in Afghanistan because it has gold and silver little rings around its legs.
What does the word inspected mean? Put this into a sentence of your own? My parents were inspected to a meeting for their job.

Who does peacekeeping for work, what does this mean? The active between nations or communities.

Where is Afghanistan, find three facts about this country.  Afghanistan is a landlocked country,it is also located in the central of asia,and is a part of the Greater Middle East.

How do you think Jade feels that her parents work in these types of occupations, how would you feel? Jade feels really unhappy because her mum might get hurt in the military.


Who was going to pick mum up in the morning? Where is mum going? An army driver came to pick her up, also mum was going back to Afghanistan because she is in the army.

Looking at the expression on Jades  face as her mother packs how do you think she feels? Why? she feels unhappy because her mother is leaving for two more years and she won't see her for a long time.

Why was Jade avoiding the hallway area that creaked when walking to mum and dads room? It was creaked  by the boards in the hallway so she went to her parents room.

What had Jade hidden? For what reason do you think she hid this? Jade hid her mothers Beret so that her mother does not go.

What happened when mum woke up and could not find her beret? She went straight to Jades room and started talking to her.

What is mum doing for work, what is she building, why do you think she is building this? Mum is working for the army and they are building a school in Afghanistan they are building a school also for kids just like Jades age, they are building this because the school can't afford to get builders for the school so the army will do it.

Why was dad’s throat moving as if he couldn’t talk? How do you think Jade and her father feel about mum leaving? Dads throat was moving because he couldn't talk and because he missed her so much also jade was not that happy but still mum left for good.

Your letter must include the following:

  • Where abouts they live and work.
  • You need to ask them questions or write a bit of a conversation.
  • You need to include what you are doing, and fill that relative or friend in about your life.
  • Perhaps you could include how you feel about them being away from you.

“Hey Their well, My family lives in Australia and we really miss them I am writing this letter just to inform you that I hope you guys are safe and happy I feel really sad and unhappy because you guys have gone and, also I just wanted to ask a question the question is “ Is it really hot or cold  in Australia ” well I guess if I send the letter to you will it be OK if you send a letter back with an answer, Well over here in New Zealand I am still in school but at the same time  I am happy, I also have friends at school who really comfort me when i'm sad and thats what is nice I really hope you enjoy your time at Australia hope you have fun and God Bless you guys and hopefully I`ll see you one day”:)

Monday, 10 March 2014

Empathy Explanation

The Definition for Empathy is the ability to understand others and their emotions through life.

People can  show empathy by caring for one another and helping them  in  many different ways of empathy , like caring and helping  people encouraging others in school  and even at home. Empathy has helped me treat others like the way they treat me whenever they see me in my fuel break. I teach little children how to show empathy while they play at the playground.

It is important that people show empathy because it is all about respecting others and making sure they show the same to others by using empathy in and around other places also people should show empathy because what if your not showing empathy then that person does something bad that makes you unhappy.

For an example of showing empathy is like when a new person starts and a bully comes along and bullies her by teasing her name or where she comes from,  then another friend comes along and tells the bully off,  then takes the new girl and introduces herself and shows her around and at the end they become best friends and the bully says something polite to the new student in class time.

Empathy is a very important word to people who go to different places and diffrent areas also around the world, also they can teach someone else about Empathy.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Maths Working Out

This is my activity it is all working out the answer also it is a Presentation made by me well Hope You Enjoy.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Skills For Adolescence

WALT-Skills For Adolescence.

This is what I have created in  Google Drawing it is all about  Self-Confident,  making sure your happy and not shy.

Quote-"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" Oliver Wendell Havies Poet.