Thursday, 16 August 2012

Usain Bolt-Best Runner

As the race was about to begin, Usain Bolt was balanced on the blocks. Visualising the race, he was focused and ready. Can he WIN!!!

Flying down his lane lightning bolt was filled with great strength. Focused on the finish, he was fired up to win the gold.

As Usain blitzed the race, the crowd went wild!!! What is his future??? With pride in his achievements, Bolt represented Jamaica.


Iron said...

Hi Mao,

We done a very great job working together. The audio boo sounds pretty cool!!! Awesome work! You done good work on helping me with those sentence. Very AMAZING!!!
Keep up the AWESOME, AMAZING, and TALENTED work!!!

Hannah said...


that story is amazing I really like your sentence begginings and the very cool words you had done. Iron and you had done a really good job! Keep up the great,cool and interesting work!!!!

Rave said...

Hi Maa,
I really enjoyed you Usain bolt writing. I think it was interesting and enjoyable to read.

By Rave in Room 14

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