Monday, 29 October 2012

Narrative Story

Sammy is 18 years old. He lives in France, he loves to tease BULLS by using a red rope to tie around his white clothing ,and on his hips.

The people were clapping for Sammy but the moment he jumped, up he felt scared and he had butterflies in his stomach. Sammys mum was watching. She didn't care. His WHOLE family didn`t CARE.

As Sammy was jumping in the air, he looked down and he saw the BULL, a bull that has SHARP HORNS.He screamed very very loud “AAAHHHH” His mum now became frightened seeing her own son doing something dangerous.

It was too late the bull was going for Sammy. It was the end of his life.  BUT all of a sudden nine men went with a big blue mat and they laid it there for Sammy to fall on it.

Clapping and cheering, Sammy landed safely. His mum said “OOh Sammy I thought you were gonna DIE but you didn't” “That's good” said Sammy “Lets go home” said mum.

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Rave said...

Hi Mao,

I really enjoyed reading your narrative writing. I thought you used really interesting words and your work looked great.

Well Done!

By Rave

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