Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Holiday Recount

Laying down in my bed I hear birds tweeting out my window, so I sit up on my bed and crawl to my window and pulled my curtains to the side, my curtains had flowers all over them so I felt happy, as I got to my window I see the skies are grey and cloudy, later on I just noticed it was Sunday. So I gently hop out of my bed and go to the bathroom for a shower, turning on the tap I feel the hot water dripping into the bathtub, so I quickly hop in while the water is still warm and hot, 20 minutes later I hopped out and walked to my room then I look for some suitable clothes to wear for church, so I finally find suitable clothes for me to wear.

As I put on my clothes I quickly look for my shoes in a small closet, my shoes are black with a small flower on the top of the shoe, suddenly I worry because I couldn't find my shoes I looked everywhere but still I couldn't find them, so I sit on the couch for a little rest then I remember putting my shoes under my bed so I quickly run to my room and look underneath then, I only find one pair of my shoe I think to myself “Where is the other pair of my shoe” so I quickly look for my shoes because time was running fast.

Looking for my shoe I quickly search outside and in boxes later on, my parents asked me “Why are you running around the house” then I quickly say to them “I'm looking for my shoe” then they ask me “Did you look in the cupboards of bags” then I quickly see a black pair of shoe with a flower on the top of the shoe then I quickly run to the sitting room and put my shoes on then I look at the time and its just 10:50, so my parents said “We're going church now, hurry up” so we all quickly run to the car and drove off.

Finally we got to church and we all quickly hopped out of the car then we walked slowly to the doors then we gently opened the doors and walked quietly to the chapel (Sacrament room) and looked for a seat to sit on, so as we found our chair we gently sat down and waited for what was gonna happen next during the day.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Maths Think Board

This is my Maths Think Board..Hope You Enjoy!!!

Immersion Assembly

On Monday 13th of October, Walking to the hall for immersion assembly I hear music echoing down the hall and I also see art works on the projector, as my class and I sit down I see pieces paper, paint brushes, boards that are ready for each team, teams 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 who perform a show that has to do with our theme Art Attack. My Favorite show from the teams who performed were team 5 because they did a art work called portrait. Portrait is a type o art where you get a piece of paper and you pant someones face up side down then later on if you have finished you face the piece of paper up and it shows their faces, I really enjoyed team 5 show because they`re not professional artists but they got through it.


This is my Popplet about what you use in Art.