Wednesday, 26 February 2014

(The Pt England Way)

The Pt England Way is all about Respect and being kind to others by speaking to them or helping them by work, most people when they meet a new person they become friends straight away, when its a group they like to co-operate and that's what the Pt England Way is, all about  co-operating with others sharing ideas also making sure everyone in the group is happy.

We show the Pt England Way by showing respect to one another by listening to them when they are talking to another, that is why the word  Respect is a really important word to Pt England School, also we have Prefects who have just started this year and are really working hard towards this year of School.

Our School also has Ambassadors who go to diffrent places and talk about how our school works through the year, we also have House Captains for each color the colors are Te Arawa,Tainue,Mataatua,and Takitimu these are the colors of the houses also each group has two important leaders who also show Respect to the group by cheering for them as they are doing Cross Country or Athletics.

We have a Pt England Way because kids who are naughty can learn from their wrongs, and can start again by showing respect to teachers mostly teachers because some kids think its cool if you get smart to a teacher, and its really hard when the teacher can not handle that child.

My experience  that I have learnt is to come to school to learn and to never give up on our Writing,Reading,Maths and Inquiry and learning things in class, Our principal Mr Burt Benefits laptops, Computers and Electronic things that we use at our school also teachers help us to learn not to come to school and muck around.

This is all about the Pt England Way, Striving To Succeed in many different ways around school and at home, People have to make good choices throughout their lives and that is why Pt England has a Way through life.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Think of a time when you hurt someone’s feelings. Describe what happened. The time when you make someone feel sad is when we don’t let them play with us or when we bully them.

How did you know you hurt the person’s feelings? I know when I make someone sad is when they ending up crying and when they tell the teacher. I can tell when someone is hurt and really sad that they don’t want to talk to anyone.
Make a popplet or Google drawing a displaying ways that you can reach out to others.  

How did you feel about the situation? It felt nerve racking and it doesn't feel like you wanna say sorry.

What did you do to make the situation better? By saying sorry to that person and make that person happy and we can play together  and be happy. Is by sorting things out together and talking about what happened.

Discuss how you think your school would change if all of the students showed empathy toward each other. It will be changed because everyone will do the right thing and  none will hurt others and our school will be really happy with each other and be kind to one another.
Do you think it would be a big change or a small
change? Why do you think so? It will be a big change because everyone will care for one another and be respect and everyone will co-operation.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Anansi And Turtle

Roald Dahls

Anansi and Turtle

Looking at the title and image on the first page, what do you think the story is about? A Turtle and a spider.

What are some of the features of traditional tales and fables? What makes them different from other stories we read? The pictures are colorful and it is a retold story by Olabanji and Kat Temitope.

Where is the story set? You need to identify and look up where this country is.
In the beginning of the story we see that they are telling tales under the moonlight, why are tales often told under moonlight? The story is set in Nigeria, NIgeria is a place in Africa, Tales are often told under the moonlight because they want the story to be interesting.

We know that this story is ‘retold’ what does the word ‘retold’ mean and can you give an example/ explain further? Retold means that when a story is retold by someone who did it first then another person retells it but with their own words or the same words from the first retailer..

What does the word ‘customary’ mean? What is customary in your culture? (Maybe sharing a meal, or giving someone a compliment)

Predict what you think will happen next in the story? The turtle and the spider might share the yams together.

What are tricks and how might Anansi trick turtle? Anansi might act sick and say”OHH i'm gonna faint i need food ohh ohhh” then turtle might give him something to eat.


Summarise what has happened in the story - this needs to be in your own words.
One sunny morning Anansi the spider cooked some tasty yams, as he was seated down to enjoy his delicious meal, Turtle arrived for a visit he has been travelling for long.
Why are they washing their hands? When do you wash your hands?
What might happen next? Why do you think that? They are washing their hads because they are about to eat, You have to washing your hands when you're gonna eat or when you have been playing, you might get the flu if you have not washed your hands,because your hands are dirty.

Tell me about manners and family routines –  We know that in the story Anansi apologises in the first line then tells Turtle off again for having dirty hands?

Manners in a family is like a rule that the family members have to follow throughout their lives a routine is like a activity families do together.

“What might happen next?” “Who is the cleverer of the two?” Think about the fact that Turtle has worked out that Anansi knows Turtle’s hands will get dirty. What might Turtle do? Anansi might give some yams to tutle, The cleverest is Turtle,Turtle might trick Anansi.


What does the terms “All the same” mean on the new page? Think about the fact that the writer has begun the new page with “all the same”? “All The Same” means that Nice and Nice is the same so there not different there the same same letters.

Have a look at careful language of manners – Turtle thanks Anansi and invites him to dinner. Why do you think Turtle is so polite?  Because he is hungry and tired also he needs lots of food to eat.

Anansi’s eyes “bulged” – discuss what this means and why his eyes would bulge. What does this tell us about the character of Anansi? Bulged means that he is puffed up and tired.

Identify the setting and how it is different from the place Anansi lives. What do think may happen next? Turtle is gonna have to walk all the way back to the sea, and it will take a really long time.

Use the words and illustrations to consider the food Turtle has prepared and how this fits with the traditional story feature of animals with human characteristics. Animals And Humans are similar topeople because on the story the spider is cooking and humans cook also the turtle washes his hands and humans wash there hands and the thing that is the same like humans to animals is that humans can walk and animals can walk but some cant.

Anansi needs food, how will Anansi get down? What will Turtle do? Anansi might
Give turtle some food and turtle will will not take it.

After reading the story who was smarter? Why do you think this? Turtle because if turtle goes and washes his hands then when he comes back there is dust and Dirt on the path and turtle feet get dirty again.

What are the features of traditional tales and how does story fit the familiar patterns, including the ending?


How did Anansi tricked Turtle – “What did he use?” Turtle used the same trick on Anansi?  He told Turtle to wash his hands in the sea but if turtle goes and washes his hands its clean but then if turtle come back to anansi his hands are  dirty because the path is dirty.

Traditional stories often have a message or moral. think, pair, and share their ideas for what the message might be? traditional stories have a message in it because it was told a long long long time ago and it is been retold by someone else but in their own words.

Write a story of their own based on a traditional tale format; use a known tale and turn it into a Turtle/Anansi story; or create a fable around a problem scenario.
OR you can retell this or other stories from the point of view of another character.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Triangel.

"One of our Math tasks today was working on an audition triangle". One of the rules is that you can not write the same two numbers in each row". I have just completed my Frist. I am now moving on to a difficult one,

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Holiday Reacount

I went to a Happy New Year dance it was a church dance in  Otara, first we had snacks and drinks after that they play music for anyone to dance, when it`s nearly 12:00pm  we all shout (“HAPPY NEW YEAR!”) I was nervous because everyone had to dance only if you wanted to, most people just stayed sitting because they were to nervous to dance at the front of everyone else.

I overcame this nervousness by Joining in  with others and just being happy till the end also to never be nervous ,my family was involved and also friends and other families, there were alot of people we didn't know so we introduced ourselves to them, they were really happy and enjoying themselves.

Through out my experience I learnt that wherever you go or wherever you are remember to be confident and speak out also  don't be shy,so it was 11:59 and everyone was ready to shout.......5 seconds later (“HAPPY NEW YEAR”!!) and everyone started running around and being happy afterwards we all took photos but most people wanted to go home and just celebrate Happy New Years.

In the morning I felt really happy but at the same time I felt tired,  because me and and my family
stayed up really late I didn't even wanna get out of bed to clean my room, so I stayed in bed sleeping that whole time until it was 12:05.


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Second Day of School

Made it to school,had to walk and walk back home, I really LOVE my class room and teacher her name is Miss Clark she is really kind, yesterday when I came to school I was really shy and scared because I was not in the same class with my friends, we did work activities then a little bit of writing and then morning tea I really enjoy my class with my teacher and new friends.


One of our reading activities today was to create a Popplet or word web to increase our range of vocabulary, the word we were given was Leisure i found 24 many words that are synonym for Leisure.