Monday, 10 September 2012

Tommy Wilson Writing.

Did you know that room13 went to Assembly to see Tommy Wilson who writes the Kapai books he was born from 11 kids he was funny he said to us everyday we should make ten people SMILE I felt happy when he said that so he said everyday he goes to public with his daughter  he makes ten people SMILE,his daughter would say SHAME dad you have to make ten people smile a day.

The other thing he said that  wars and violence is DUMB they are dum because people get hurt in wars I think wars should not even exist the other reason why is because they use dangerous things when they fight I think its really really DUMB thats what Tommy Wilson said to us.

Also the other thing he said was to learn how to forgive,forgiveing is hard because when you have to say sorry or say do you forgive me you get a little shy but thats what Tommy said.

The other thing Tommy Wilson talked about was EVERYONE is born with a gift,gifts are special because its about your talent
everyones got a talent.

The other thing that sort of made me laugh was when he said rich people got everything,but in life they have nothing Tommy Wilson is right because it means when someones got heaps of money and then they spend it all on phones or makeup then they end up with nothing in life.

The last thing he said was to SMILE!

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