Thursday, 11 December 2014

Te Tuhi Museum

As I woke up in the morning I quickly hopped out of my bed and walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and also washed my face, then I quickly walked to my room to where my school uniform was, as I got to my room I gently put my uniform on then I walked to the kitchen and ate breakfast, then I quickly packed my bag with my lunch and my netbook, then I walked to school.

When I got to school excitedly I asked all my friends if they were going to the Te Tuhi Museum trip, the bell went and we all had to walk back to our classes, as I got to my class my teacher explained what we were going to do next, so we had reading and writing, then we had morning tea, after morning tea we all had to come back to class and read our reading books, as we were reading our reading books we all had to wait.

While we waited our teacher told us to pack up everything and get ready to go, so as we all finished packing up we all walked outside and lined up into two lines then we quickly walked over to the bus waiting for us, as we got in the bus everyone wanted to sit in the back seats, as we were all ready to go out bus driver drove off and we all looked outside the window, as we drove to the to Pakuranga we got there all happy.

Later on as we got to the Te Tuhi Museum we got out of the bus and walked quietly to the doors as we got there we all had to sit down and our tour guy named Jeremy showed us some tapa cloths that were from Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, we all walked over to the art room where we made Tapa Cloth using paper, as we all got our piece of paper we had to listen for the first instructions, the first instructions were to get a piece then scrunch it, the next thing we do is to get a pastel which is coloured a bit red and a bit dark brown.  

As we got our pastel we quickly rubbed the side onto the piece of paper, then when we completed rubbing it onto the paper we finally got to get a paint brush and dip it into the bowl of dye, then we gently brushed it on the paper as we finished we had to take it to Jeremy for him to lay them one by one onto the inside stairs, then as the papers were drying up we had to get another piece of paper that was done and dried up by the class that went there before our class.

While we got our piece of paper we had to put our Interests, Family, Home and Culture in all the boxes one by one, as we put them all in the boxes we finally got to draw what represents us or what our interests are, once you have completed drawing all of the boxes you can then leave your piece of paper on the table and we had to walk out the door with Jeremy to go see all the other artworks done by other painters.

While we walked through the art gallery we then came back to the front door and then we just said “Thanks” to Jeremy for showing us around then as we finished we walked back out into two lines with out teacher and hopped on the bus, then drove back to school.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Maths Presentation

This presentation is my Maths Presentation, Some questions are wrong and some questions are right, but over all hope you enjoy:)

Word Popplet

This is my Popplet, the word for this week is Stress

Art Presentation

This presentation is about an artist named John Pule, He is a Niuean painter he is inspired by Pacififc Tapa Cloth, Hope You Enjoy:)