Friday, 29 May 2015

Tinkering Tools And Toys

Today in the morning we had to get into a group. The people that are in my group are called Puawai, Quasia, Keis, Rebekah and Lizara. Everyone had to come up with a idea to build, change or create something around the school that could make Pt England School a better place.

We had to brainstorm various ideas such as crating a Pool, Food Class and much more. My group has decided that we are going to create an Arcade Gaming Room just for girls. So far we have drawn the Arcade Room on a piece of paper with other ideas around the paper so that we have backup ideas.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Humanoid Robots

Today in the afternoon we did Inquiry we had to get a book and write down 5 facts about the book or 5 facts that we have learnt about in class while we were reading the book. The book that I picked was called Humanoid Robots, here are 5 facts that I have learnt about, hopefully you can learn something from this post that I have created.
1, Robots is a machine programmed to do jobs that are performed usually by a person
2, Did you know the word Myth is a story told by people in the ancient time (Old Days)
3, What does android mean? Well, Android means a robot that thinks and acts very similar to a human being
4, Did you know? that the first robot to walk on two legs was Wabot-1 in 1970
5, Scientists began building more advanced humanoid robots in the 1970`s

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Pt England Way

This is a picture of what we did with Miss Kyla it is about how we should act like when we are online or when we are with others, We have to show the Pt England Way, by doing the 3 P`s which are Partnership, Participation and Protection.

Hopefully this helps me through my daily life, we should always make sure that we are being normal wherever we are or wherever we go, Hope you can learn something from this google drawing document I have completed.

Paraphrasing Post

Today in class we learnt about Paraphrasing, it is all about getting a sentence/story and putting it in your own words which means re-wording the story and changing words around to make it better and to show others its in your own words. Example...
Text Says-Thousands of New Zealanders took part in war. They were a long way from home and living in terrible conditions.
I say- New Zealanders took part in war. They were a long way away from from home and living in horrible conditions.

Thousands of New Zealanders took part in the war. They were a long way from home and living in terrible conditions.

Thousands of New Zealanders took part in the war. They were a long way f home and living in

Friday, 22 May 2015

Anzac Biscuits

Today we baked Anzac Biscuits with Mrs Tele`a in our Zeal Zone Groups. First off we had to open up a presentation and fill in the answer, then alter on after morning tea we had to go straight to the kitchen and get into groups of 6 or 7 then go to a table.

Firstly we had to get a bowl with a spoon, then we had to get our dry ingredients and add them into the bowl and mix it around to get the mixture together, then we had to add the moist ingredients to the bowl then mix it later on we got a tray with baking paper on it and grab a hand full of the mixture and roll it into a small ball then place it on the tray, later on we placed it into the oven, then we had to come back and finish off our presentations.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Future Aspiration

This morning at 9:30 all the senior classes came together to listen to two important speakers who were going to talk to us about their lives and what they do for living, they also talked to us about what we are going to be when we grow up, it was really inspirational to listen to, so that we have ideas on what we want to be when we grow up.

The first speaker was Andrew Patterson he talked to us about quotes my favorite one was "Do more of what makes you Awesome" which means to do more Awesome stuff during life. The next speaker was Marcus Winter known as The Sandman, why? because he does art using sand on a big platform with white light on the bottom of the glass so you can see the artwork that he does, the last speaker was Louis Gordon Latty who is a Basketball player he talked to us about all his basketball games, he even showed us on the screen.

I really enjoyed listening to their Speeches because it helped me to know what I could become when I grow up, once they finished talking we all had to sing a Waiata (Song) to the speakers to thank them for taking their time out of their day to come down to Pt England School to talk to the seniors about their lives and what they do for living, hopefully everyone could get something useful out of their speeches and apply it their daily lives.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Pt England School Presentation

This presentation will tell you all about Pt England School, and what we do around school, it also tells you about our VIsitors, Sports and much more, Hopefully you can learn something about Pt England School and what we do best through our learning and creating.

World War 1

World War many soldiers died, lots of kids lost their fathers and many mothers lost their husbands. While soldiers were on war, families could be able to write to them just to see what's happening and to make sure they were encouraged, lots of soldiers were injured and hurt during war battles.

While the soldiers travelled back to their families many soldiers never came back, many soldiers died and were left behind or some soldiers were brought back to their families. Lots of soldiers were injured or either wounded with a bullet, once soldiers arrived back to their families, many families were worried, nearly every family was affected by the war that was going around.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Matific Activity

This is my Matific activity I really enjoyed this Matific activity because it was challenging and fun and learnt another way of getting the answer the question, It was fun and hopefully i can get better at doing maths while using this activity.

Hopefully you guys can try this activity out for yourselves and hopefully have fun while using this Matific activity, I had lots of fun, maybe you can to:)

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Technology Post

This afternoon Mr Burt (Our Principal) came over to the senior block to tell us all about World War 1 and what happend back then it was all about Technology if its either good or bad. He asked everyone if Technology is good or bad. Is it? well, to me Technology is good, its just that some people have to make good choices about where to go or what to do with technology.

Technology is good because you can create various things, it is also good because you can learn while using technology, also by making the right choice on what to go on and what to do on-line, lots of people use technology to create games, apps and many more stuff for others to use.

Matific Activity

While doing this assingment I did struggle through some but eventually got to the end, I really enjoyed this assignment it has taught me alot hopefully I can try this more often at home or maybe elsewhere.

Hopefully you can try this activity out with a classmate or a teacher if you want, it is really fun to play with because you can learn while having fun.

Anzac Writing

(Anzac Memorial Writing)

In the past so many soldiers died during World War. This week is Anzac Week and we will be remembering those who fought for our country. Knowing that they went through so much pain and stress is hard to understand. Many soldiers died and many soldiers were injured, luckily some survived during the world war.  

Well this year for the first time Pt England School built a small Anzac War Memorial field just to remember those who fought for us. Most of all to be grateful that many soldiers left their families just to go fight in the world war. Many soldiers were excited to leave while some soldiers were confused not knowing what they were going to do in war.

Lots of parents were worried about their sons or maybe grandsons who left to fight for their countries. Nearly every school in New Zealand had their flags half way down the pole so that we could remember the soldiers who fought for us during world war, including our school we had our flag half way down the pole to acknowledge the soldiers who died in world war.

During our school assembly everyone got told to make their way to the memorial field, so everyone made their way out the hall to the memorial field, while standing there in silence Mr Jacobson played the anzac trumpet recording while we all stood there in silence looking ahead of us was the memorial field that had white crosses with names on them that represented the soldiers that died during world war. While we finished acknowledging the soldiers we all had to go one by one back to our classrooms.  

Friday, 8 May 2015

Zeal Zone Post

This picture shows you all what we have been doing in Zeal Zone. Mrs Moala gave us a date from the World War 1 to search up what happened on that year. Here are some facts aswell as pictures to show you what happened on August 29, 1914. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Anzac Inquiry Post

This year for Term 2 we have been learning lots about our Anzac Soldiers back in the days and how they left to fight for their countries. Many Soldiers left their families, loads of kids lost there fathers while loads of women lost their husbands in war, while they left to war it was a really emotional time for their families. We have learnt lots this term and hopefully we will continue learning more about the World War 1 and 2.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015