Friday, 8 August 2014

Reading Activity

The text, has been retold but Sue Gibbison, however it is based on someone elses version. What do we know about stories that are retold? What is another name of them?
A story that is retold is maybe like a myth that was passed on for generations.

Give an example of a folk story that you know. What is the main idea and event of that story. See if you can research and find the history of that story?

Identify all words within the text that you are unsure of and research to find the meanings of them.
Ki: Means a Kete or a Basket.
Manu Tagata: A kite big enough to carry a person.
Hokioi: Means a eagle.

For what reason had put a spell on the forest? - what is this a common case of? It put a spell on the forest so that Rahi can see clearly through the skies.

Why had the god of wind sent a breeze that lifted Rahi? So that he can see his wife and also so that he can follow the silver breeze trail.

Who helped Rahi he he was dehydrated and exhausted? For what reason do you think this character helped Rahi?  The tohunga helped Rahi so that he can be warmed with her feathers, because he was really thirsty and also hungry.

Who trapped Rahi, how did Rahi escape? An enormous lizard trapped Rahi by circling a rock , digging a deep tunnel and also filled the tunnel with water and swam around the rock....Rahi was Trapped.

Is this story realistic?  Why/ why not? Yes because it shows alot of things that are interesting and realistic.

Select a character from the text, you need to include the following information about this character: their name, description, age, likes, dislikes, personality and why you selected this character.  
Rahi, Hes strong and he also looks for his wife, he is aged 26 years, he likes  journeys, he doesn't like lizards because they trapped him in the tunnel, he's very outgoing and I picked this character because he is te main one.

Screenshot 2014-08-07 at 9.52.16 AM.png

Retell the main events in the text:  Along time ago Rahi`s wife got washed away in the silver breeze and it was Rahis job to look for her in the forest because someone put a spell on it for her to get washed away.

Where had Rahi and his people found Ti Ara? They found her at the Volcano where she was hiding.

What had they done once they had found her? For what reason do you think they did this? When they found her they gathered on the shores of the lake that had formed around the rock where Rahi had been trapped.

What does Ki represent in Ki-O-Rahi? The Ki in the game represents the Ki in which Rahi carried the eggs in.

What does Rahi represent in Ki-O-Rahi? It represents the  story based on Rahi and Ti ara his wife.

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