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Reading Activity

Reading Activity

Referring to the title of the text what do you think the article is about? I think it is about a sport game.

Why do Saturday’s start early for Alice? Because she plays football (soccer) for her team and she has to do some trainings.

What does Alice enjoy being a part of, for what reason do you believe she enjoys this? She enjoys being part of the football (soccer) team because she enjoys being part of the backline.

What does the goal weigh? It weighs a ton. What do you think Ashleigh is doing when she says this. Think about if the goal were to literally weigh this, would it be even possible for Ashleigh to lift it? I think she is trying to show that she can do it.

How do you think the girls are feeling prior to their game? I think their feeling determined about their game.  Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feeling/ how do you feel before playing a netball or rugby game? I would feel shy but at the same time determined.

“Jessica jumps high and deflects the ball” what does this mean? Deflect means something that causes the ball to go a different direction.

What are the girls doing prior to their game starting? Refer to the images at the top of page 6. For what reason are they doing this? They practise dodging backwards, forwards and sideways.

Frank urges the girls to not give up, what does it mean when you urge someone to do something? I think it means you're pushing someone to do something.

In most sports games there is always a referee, what is the role of the referee? It is when you ref the game by telling someone to do something.  Why is a referee so important? Because the referee sees if your playing fair and he also can see if your doing the right stuff so that you dont cheat.

What are three very important characters a person needs to have to be part of a sports team. Partnership, Participation, and Protection.

Who is Cara Telea, state five facts about her.
1. She plays in the Football team (soccer)
2. She is the team captain.
3. She tells them when to train.
4. she trains hard for the team.
5. she likes playing football (soccer)

From reading the text, do you think soccer is a difficult game to play? Why/why not. I think it is because you have to always train and train at the same time its not because the only thing you're doing is kicking the ball.

Why do you think soccer is more popular in some countries instead of some others? Because it maybe was originated in that country and it is new to some countries.

Who is a famous soccer player, state five facts about them.
Name: Luis Suarez
1. He is a professional soccer player.
2. He played in the Fifa World Cup.
3. he was born on 24th of January 1987
4. Luis won the football league cup.
5. He had a surgery on his left knee.

From reading the text we know that different soccer players have different positions, what do you think would be the most difficult position to play and why? It would be the defensive position because you have to defend the person to get the ball.

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