Thursday, 21 August 2014


Last week was class 3  had there last session at The Life Education Trust  caravan, The purpose of the Life Education caravan is that it helps you through your life it also teaches you lessons about choosing the right decisions and also not to take drugs while you are  still in college because it affects your daily lives and affects your brain including your heart. It also affects your eye vision and how you walk, also if you are drunk you can easily get scars and wounds on your body during a party or as you are at a club.

The Life Education caravan is filled with photos and pictures of drugs and alcohol there is also a TV screen where Lynn show us videos of people who went through drugs and alcohol through their lives and how it affected them. We learnt about Drugs and Alcohol and how it affects our daily lives, drugscan lead to death and,  Alcohol can affect how you walk and how you also talk to others.

Once you take drugs you straight away get addicted to it and you start to take it every second of the day and you start to lose control of yourselves and also  start to hurt people around you. As you drink alcohol it forces you to walk different ways and it can also make you fall asleep or be drunk.

Making decisions is very hard because if some of your friends tell you to take alcohol and its very hard to say no to a friend. Also its hard to make decisions incase someone tells you to eat something but they say that it is very healthy for you then you eat it and start to get dizzy and also you start to lose control.

The Brain is a very important body part in you body because it shows signals for what you can eat or what you can't eat it is also very important because its tells you what to do and it also tells you right or wrong. The brain shows you how to think and also what to do when you are lost in a maths equation.

We learnt very good lessons there because it teaches us how to take care of ourselves when we need help and it also helps us throughout long lives as we are living I also learnt that taking drugs can lead to death because its not healthy for your body it also can damage the brain selles.

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