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Reading Activity

Reading Activity

Explore the history of Karate (doing your own research):
Find out five facts and state them:
1, Karate is famous in Japan
2, you have to be very fit.
3, you always have to practise.
4,you have to be serious.
5,You have to eat healthy food.

What is the purpose of Karate? It is Defence. You do not use Karate to attack someone first but to defend yourself if they attack you.

What is ‘dojo’? It is a training hall;Sounds like “doe-jo.

For what reason is it important to bow in karate? It is important because maybe you're showing respect to your coach.

Explore the culture of Japan, in what other instances do they bow?  
1, They bow for respect.
2, they bow because they are ready.
3, they are bow because it is traditional.

What does a ‘belt’ represent? A belt represents what grade you are fighting at or what stage you are fighting at.

There are levels of belts in karate, what are the levels and what does each one represent? (You will need to do some of your own research)
1, There is a white Belt.
2, There is a gold belt.
3, There is a green belt.
4, there is a purple belt.
5, There is a blue belt.
6, There is a red belt.
7, there is a brown belt.
8, there is a Black belt, It is the highest belt in Karate, The highest level.

Explain a sempai? A “Sempai” is a mentor or a senior.

For what reason is it important that people warm up prior to karate? They warm up because warm ups develop strength. They stretch the muscles ready for a hard workout.

What are some other sports and activities that people warm up in?

1, Running.
2, Rugby.
3, Netball.
Rugby League.
4, Tennis.
5, Boxing.
Explain all of the moves in karate:
Explain it well so that your audience can imagine it.

1, There is a Move that is called Frontal Kick, Frontal Kick is when you kick forward but hard.
2, There is a move that is called Roundhouse Kick, Roundhouse Kick is when you spin around and kick.

How can one prevent themselves from getting an injury from Karate? They use defense. You do NOT use karate to attack someone but first defend yourself if they attack you.

Jzarahr competed in a tournament, how did she do in the tournament? She competed in the New Zealand Nationals. She won a Bronze Medal.

What advice could you give someone who was about to compete in a sports tournament?
To play fair. and to never give up also to always be respectful to your opponents.

Read Jzarahr’s interview state three facts about her.
1, She didn't know the moves or what to do. But she picked it up.
2, She likes to eat Sushi and Thai Food.
3, She really likes dogs and horses.
4, She has two cats at home.
5, She wants to be a veterinarian.

Karate is a sport from Japan, what are some sports from other countries around the world?
1, Basketball was invented in Springfield, Massachusetts.
2, Netball was invented in U.S.A.

Who is Sa Johnson? State three facts about him.
1, Sa is the coach.
2, He teaches karate.
3, He teaches them how to kick.

From reading the text do you think Karate is difficult? Why/why not?
I think it is difficult because you have to learn how to kick high stuff.
And no its not because you can compete against others in other different countries.

Why do you think karate would be an important skill to have? State your reasons and why.
I think it is important because you can use it if someone tries to attack you.

Research and find one famous person who has a black belt and is excellent at Karate.
State five facts about them.

1,Name:Kotani Sumiyuki
2,He received the rank of the 10th Dan in april 1984.
3,He died on October 19, 1991.
4, He would practise with every powerful and skilful judoka.
5, He graduated from Tokyo College of Education.

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