Friday, 15 August 2014

Basketball Explanation

Did you know? that Basketball was originated in 1891, and was invented by a man named Dr.James Naismith the reason why he made the sport  Basketball was because they needed an outside game during winter. Dr. James Naismith made 13 rules for the sport basketball so that they can play fair. When the sport Basketball was invented the ball was colored brown.

The first Basketball game was held on 1982 when the courts were half a size of the courts we use today. Did you know? that Michael Jordan is one of the best Basketball players around the globe, with the record score of 5,987 which made him a legend of Basketball. The first invented hoop was like a peach with a bottom and every single time a team scored the referee has to climb on a ladder to get the ball.

The woman's first basketball game was held in 1892 and some rules were confirmed to the fit woman. The game was made an Olympic sport in Berlin, Germany 1936. The game Basketball is still been played by athletic fit people who love the sport Basketball.

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