Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Reading Activity

Reading Activity 2.

Who was the article written by? For what reasons did these people write this article, instead of a writer? Diana Noonan and the children of room 8 Hirangi School, the reason why it was not a writer was because it is a school that did this activity.

Referring to the image and title of the article, what do you think it is about? I think it is about a Hangi and kids that make it also eat it and i also think it is about healthy eating.

Where is the article set? The article is set in the end of Lake Taupo for them to cook their hangi, and eat at the end.

What is a settlement? Tell me two things about a settlement. A settlement is Setting something up, and i also think it is about setting someone down.

What does geothermal mean? Can you name two geothermal towns/cities in NZ? Auckland, and Wellington.

What are the children studying at school? What do you know about this topic? The children are studying about Healthy Food, I know because it says in the text that they are cooking Hangi and that people can bring their own food if they want to or not.

Because they are studying this topic what do you think they are learning? Can you tell me three things about healthy eating? Healthy eating is all about eating the correct stuff like fruits and vegetables also healthy eating is like having exercise and also getting more healthier.

What does their kai have to include? It has to include meat and vegetables.

Where did Mareka get her pork from? Would the meat be fresher because of the way it was caught and where it came from? Mareka dad shot the pig and then Mareka took it with her, also it is Healthier because it is fresh and and also got found hunting.

For what reason do you think they are wrapping the meat in tinfoil? Have you ever cooked or seen anyone cook using tinfoil. For what reason do you think they were using this material when cooking?  They use this to heat the food up also to keep it clean and fresh to eat, also they use this to warm it up for them to eat.


What do they cook the food in? How do you think this cooks the food? They cook it in a Hangi that is made of wood they bring something raw then they put in in the wooden hagi 20 or 30 minutes later it is freshed and cook up ready to eat.

Why do the children not have to worry about their kai burning? because they will put in into the tinfoil to warm up and the burnt parts will be soft and also the kids can just peel it off.

What do you think about this traditional way of cooking? If you had the opportunity to cook in this way would you? Why/why not? No because i don't know how to but yes because my parents can.

How are the locals making money from this way of cooking? They can sell it for money.

What are the benefits of cooking in this way? Not wasting power also the food is fresh to eat because it is Healthier.

Approximately how long does it take for food to cook in this way? Is this the normal amount of time food takes to cook? I think it takes 30 minutes to cook or 15, also because it is cooked outside not inside.

When does the puia become cooler, for what reason does this occurence make it become cooler? They wrap it in Tinfoil to make it cooler and fresh to eat for the kids who make it.

For what reason was some of the food still firm? because it was not cooked properly and it was not wrapped in tinfoil.

Do you think that by cooking in this way the students are eating healthily? YES because it is fresher and healthier for kids.

What were some of the uses for puia, besides cooking? Hangi,potatoes,meat,vegetables.

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