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Hands Up For Henna

Reading Activity 1: Hands Up For Henna?

Looking at the images on the front page, what do you think Henna is? Why do you think this?  I think Henna is a traditional kind of ink for your skin also to make it a body decoration, I think it is because it is mixed flowers and plants and different kind of objects.

What do the words dramatic and decoration mean? Dramatic means to over board, also decorations mean colorful things you can stick around in your house.

Why has Henna been used for hundreds of years in Somalia? because it is a traditional ink for the country and also they have been using it for years and years.

Where is the Henna imported from, why do they not just purchase it in New Zealand? The Henna is imported from Saudi Arabia, Its not difficult to to buy Henna in New Zealand.

What does the Henna powder feel like? What substance has the writer compared Henna to? The Henna powder feels like mud, and the writer has compared it to Black dye and tea.

Why do you think it took so long to draw the outlines for the Henna? Because you have to press hard and it also takes for hours.

What does the writer mean when he says “painstakingly begins to fill the outlines on Asli’s feet”? it means hes doing it gently and slowly because it takes for hours.

What type of traditional elements does the outlines include? (refer to the images) It includes flowers and plants and different other objects.

What do they use when applying the Henna? For what purpose do they use this instead of a small stick? Black Dye and Tea, because they want it to be nice and dark.


What does Asli have to do after the Henna has been applied to her skin? She has to wait for two hours because it takes a really long time to dry up.

Henna has an ‘earthy’ smell, describe what you think this smells like? I think  it smells like the gas that people use for your car.

Baby oil is rubbed into the skin after the Henna has been applied, for what reason do you think they do this? To make it shiny and beautiful for the skin also to make it nice and smooth

How did Asli’s school friends previously react when she last had Henna?  Aslis friends said “cool” but the boys said “what happen to your hands” One of her friends dyed her hair with Henna.

How was Asli’s sister having fun? Is this different to the type of fun you have. How does your activity of fun and Asli’s sisters different? The sister is having fun with the last bit of Henna squeezing it all over one arm and that is why she is having fun.

What is Henna? Henna is a traditional ink that you use for your body in Somalia it is a really dark ink used for body.

Will the tradition of Henna continue? Yes  it will because it has been continuing for years and years and years.

Thursday / Friday

Henna is seen as being traditional, can you elaborate and find examples in the text of how it is traditional? Henna has been used for body adornment for thousands of years in Somalia.

In what countries do they use Henna? Somalia,middle east, north africa, and india.

Do you think because Henna is used on the skin it is encouraging people to get Tattoo’s why / why not? No because it is a body decoration also it is a traditional ink for somalias.

Would you recommend henna to be used by men/ women or both? What is your reasoning for this? Only women and girls because reading back through the story the boys at her school say “what happend to your hands”.

Write a step by step set of instructions at to how Henna is applied. The powder feels gritty, rather like sand, and aslis mother Marion whos going to get the decoration, mixes it with tea, also she mixes Black hair dye with it which will make the final color more intense and give it a glossy shine she mixes it with her fingers scooping it up a slaps it down again to make it look and feel like watery doe then she mixes it with her fingers and slaps it down again then last of all she puts it in a paper cone then its ready to use for body decoration.

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