Monday, 24 March 2014

Malaysian Airlines

The Malaysian Airlines plane has been missing with 239 people and it is  really sad to hear about ,also some people are asking a lot of questions about it like “are they OK” “are they safe” the saddest part is  that there are two babies on board.

It is really sad because the plane might of fallen into the sea or it might of blown up and got burnt or it has gone upon the clouds also it might of fallen into the sea, but no one has seen it and it is one of the biggest planes in the world.

It has been more than like 2 weeks since the Malaysian Airlines Plane have not been found, and a lot of people are investigating about it also their was a Christchurch man on the airline plane who has not been found also, and many people are getting more scared.

The Malaysian Airlines are still not found and people are getting scared and afraid for their relatives who were in the Airplane, the Airplane is from Kuala Lumpur and it has now vanished, right now people are hunting for the Airplane in different places.

Most families have helped search for the Malaysian Airlines Plane for days and days but still no ones getting near finding it, also there are alot of investigators keen to find the Malaysian Airline Plane.

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