Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Reading Activity

WALT:Use our prior knowledge to apply, analyse and retell events in a story.

Looking at the title of the story and the image on the first page, what is this story about? A camel, because their is a camel on the first page with a red little cover ove it and it also has a fluffy little necklace over its neck.

Why didn’t she say that she had missed mums smell? Because she was to excited.

What did mum put in Jade’s hands? Describe it. Mum came home from Afghanistan with a suvineare for Jade present.

Where do you think Jade’s mother has come home from? Afghanistan.

What country do you think this story is set in, what is your reason for this? The story was set in Afghanistan because it has gold and silver little rings around its legs.
What does the word inspected mean? Put this into a sentence of your own? My parents were inspected to a meeting for their job.

Who does peacekeeping for work, what does this mean? The active between nations or communities.

Where is Afghanistan, find three facts about this country.  Afghanistan is a landlocked country,it is also located in the central of asia,and is a part of the Greater Middle East.

How do you think Jade feels that her parents work in these types of occupations, how would you feel? Jade feels really unhappy because her mum might get hurt in the military.


Who was going to pick mum up in the morning? Where is mum going? An army driver came to pick her up, also mum was going back to Afghanistan because she is in the army.

Looking at the expression on Jades  face as her mother packs how do you think she feels? Why? she feels unhappy because her mother is leaving for two more years and she won't see her for a long time.

Why was Jade avoiding the hallway area that creaked when walking to mum and dads room? It was creaked  by the boards in the hallway so she went to her parents room.

What had Jade hidden? For what reason do you think she hid this? Jade hid her mothers Beret so that her mother does not go.

What happened when mum woke up and could not find her beret? She went straight to Jades room and started talking to her.

What is mum doing for work, what is she building, why do you think she is building this? Mum is working for the army and they are building a school in Afghanistan they are building a school also for kids just like Jades age, they are building this because the school can't afford to get builders for the school so the army will do it.

Why was dad’s throat moving as if he couldn’t talk? How do you think Jade and her father feel about mum leaving? Dads throat was moving because he couldn't talk and because he missed her so much also jade was not that happy but still mum left for good.

Your letter must include the following:

  • Where abouts they live and work.
  • You need to ask them questions or write a bit of a conversation.
  • You need to include what you are doing, and fill that relative or friend in about your life.
  • Perhaps you could include how you feel about them being away from you.

“Hey Their well, My family lives in Australia and we really miss them I am writing this letter just to inform you that I hope you guys are safe and happy I feel really sad and unhappy because you guys have gone and, also I just wanted to ask a question the question is “ Is it really hot or cold  in Australia ” well I guess if I send the letter to you will it be OK if you send a letter back with an answer, Well over here in New Zealand I am still in school but at the same time  I am happy, I also have friends at school who really comfort me when i'm sad and thats what is nice I really hope you enjoy your time at Australia hope you have fun and God Bless you guys and hopefully I`ll see you one day”:)

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