Monday, 10 March 2014

Empathy Explanation

The Definition for Empathy is the ability to understand others and their emotions through life.

People can  show empathy by caring for one another and helping them  in  many different ways of empathy , like caring and helping  people encouraging others in school  and even at home. Empathy has helped me treat others like the way they treat me whenever they see me in my fuel break. I teach little children how to show empathy while they play at the playground.

It is important that people show empathy because it is all about respecting others and making sure they show the same to others by using empathy in and around other places also people should show empathy because what if your not showing empathy then that person does something bad that makes you unhappy.

For an example of showing empathy is like when a new person starts and a bully comes along and bullies her by teasing her name or where she comes from,  then another friend comes along and tells the bully off,  then takes the new girl and introduces herself and shows her around and at the end they become best friends and the bully says something polite to the new student in class time.

Empathy is a very important word to people who go to different places and diffrent areas also around the world, also they can teach someone else about Empathy.

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