Monday, 4 November 2013

Strange Noises

One sunny day a little girl named Sally went out to check on the sheep, She was just skipping although her dad did not know that she was outside. She woke up really early at 7:30 just to play outside and check on the sheep  her dad was still sleeping but she was out. No one saw her walk into the shed where the sheep get shorn, She was looking for the sheep but there were no sheep around.

As she walked back out the shed she heard a whisper coming from the big hill she said “Who is it “ nothing replied so she kept quiet. Until someone shouted out loud “OVER HERE”. She looked nothing was there she got scared really scared. She thought that it was her dad  then she said to herself “No because dad is sleeping he would not  come out and scare me like that”. So she started to run back to the house but that whisper came back.

The whisper replied “Sally Sally help” Sally turned around and she saw a head she screamed”AHHH” and ran back inside.  She ran straight to her dad and said”Dad Dad I heard someone it was calling me and saying help help”.  Her dad looked at her and said “ what are you doing it is so early”. Go to bed but sally said “ NO” and walked out really grumpy also really tired.

She just said” I will show you come” so her dad went outside with her and looked she said “ right there “.  Her dad  walked towards it and said “Ohh that is not a head that is a fake head it is just a head from a big doll. What doll? “Ohh it was this doll i got for you when you were 4 but you did not like it so you chucked it away.  When you were 8 now your just 10. But she said”No there was a whisper and I think it came from this doll”.

So her dad and her walked back to the house, Then a whisper came back saying”Help Help over here under the tree”. She said “ there dad there” and her  dad said “ is that a boy” “yes it is” said Sally “lets go “. So they walked to the boy and said “ Are you ok” “No” he said,  Sally said”what is your name”?. He said “ my name is Mat I got lost” “ how” said Sally. So they picked him up and called the ambulance to come because he had scratches and some blood patches. So the ambulance arrived and took Mat so he can be treated well in Hospital.

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