Friday, 1 November 2013

Paragraph Rubric

On a lovely morning day Tom went out to play on the quad bike, as he was riding he was also very happy,there was a bump on the other side he did not see it but others did, like his friends they saw but Tom did not, so he kept riding then he stopped for a rest,  as he was resting his friends said” Hey Tom “ but Tom could not hear he was so far down that he couldn't hear anything,  so as  he finished drinking his drink bottle he got back on the quad bike and sped off really fast.

So he kept riding and all his friends were just worried that he might get hurt, but Tom turned back around and started riding to them then he stopped and got off the quad bike and  said “Do You Guys Want A Turn” no thanks but thanks for asking, So he got back on the quad bike, and his friends said to him “be careful of that bump” then Tom said” What bump it is ok I`ll be alright see you later”.
Tom said in his head what bump he was quite far away from it,  but he just kept riding then he got closer to the bump and went right over it then he fell and the quad bike fell on him then he SCREAMED for help then all his friends came and they all said” Tom are you ok “ and  Tom just cried and said “ GET THIS THING OFF ME” they all looked and the dad got there and said “Tom Tom” so the dad called the ambulance and they rushed to the farm and tried pushing it off him, so they pushed harder and it got off but Tom had scratches all over his legs then he got rushed to hospital.

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