Monday, 11 November 2013


On a cloudy sunday, We went to church me and my family first we got dressed then we did a prayer then we got our scriptures organised and left, As we got to church we looked for a seat to sit on so we found a seat then we were seated. A couple of minutes later our Bishop came, A Bishop is like a person who looks after everyone but he doesn't own the church, So he first spoke to us then he did announces to tell us what is happening in the church and around the church.

So as he finished speaking we took one whole hour of sitting there also singing there and listening to the testimonies that were given to the audience, A couple of minutes later we went to Sunday School and had a little lesson it was about how did people get lives, Well people got lives by God he made the earth,  Did you know that one leaf you might of helped God do it? since I am Mormon I am proud.

As we finished sunday school we went down stairs and had a close up so we can go home and have something to eat, So as we got down stairs we had to wait for the teacher to come and tell us to come in so we went in and did some activities.  We had to decorate some Rocks with stickers and paper also using diamonds and smiley faces at the end we can take it home to decorate our house.

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