Friday, 1 November 2013

Big Day For Emily

On an October spring morning  Emily felt free to run around and play with all her other friends, she lives in Molesworth Station. She has a big patch of wool on her body it is hot and uncomfortable for her to walk around in. Also she enjoys eating they have wool so that they are warm and comfortable,but every year their wool gets sheared off.

There is green grass for them to graz in if they felt really hungry, most of the time they enjoyed the nice windy air.As Emily was grazing she heard a fourwheeler bike coming as she looked it had two dogs, all of a sudden she started to run the farmer hopped off his four wheeler and whistled to his dogs to go and chase them.They all stopped and looked the dog got closer and  closer  to them so they started to run faster.

Emily was worried and frightened as she saw the Dog. She ran so fast that she could not stop all her other friends were scared to. They looked back and the Dogs were not tired of running  the dogs chased them into the pen.She thought that the dog was gonna jump on top of her so she kept running until she got there.

As the sheep got to the pen they were confused and scared because they did not know what to do. They had to wait until they get inside to get sheared. They were also hot and tired at the same time as they were waiting.

When they got there they had to wait for their turn. As they were waiting some were happy and some were not some were just tired and hot also still confused. Some dogs hopped on top of them so they do not run away.

So as they have finished waiting they have to go into the shed where they get shorn, some go in and some still have to wait to go inside for their turn, a couple of them were still afraid and scared with all the others.

The first one goes in and is really scared, Then the shorner gets her and holds her hand and her leg so she stays still,  she is really uncomfortable and upset because her back is on the floor and it hurts.

After been shorn they all start running back out to the field and feeling really happy, but some are still getting shorn and still scared, some sheep when they come out they have cuts and there's little tiny blood dots around them.

As they finished getting shorn they felt free to run around again and play around again also feel free to eat.

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