Monday, 19 May 2014

Sound Explanation

Sound is something we hear everyday and is all around us and a part of our daily lives. Sound is a vibration that travels through the air. Sound moves up and down or backwards and forwards in different directions and therefore all around us. What is vibration to you?

Sound vibration travel around to other peoples ears and travels to your brain . We have different types of sound because of how close the particles are the higher the pitch goes. The outer the particles go the lower the sound pitch goes.

Sound initially starts from noises that people make. Sound can move in different directions and places.  People cannot see sound they can only hear sound because sound travels really fast that we just cannot see it traveling through air.

Sounds changes as they move from one substance to another substance. A low pitch is when something is split apart but a high pitch is when something is put together by using pieces of sound and instruments. It uses the sound to vibrate.  

The thing that causes high pitch about sound that we love to hear such as birds chirping up in the tree . These chirps are high pitch because the further the sound wave the higher the pitch and the closer the sound wave the lower the pitch .

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