Thursday, 29 May 2014

Reading Activity

Plastic Bags by Andre Ngapo, School Journal Part 3. Number 1 2011

WALT: Show our comprehension of the text by identifying the key occurrences.

Success Criteria: I can identify the key occurrences in the text.

Referring to the image on the first page what does the expression on the boys face tell us?
What do you think might happen to him in the story? He might get into trouble or he might go to detention.

What do you think the title has to do with the story? I think it is about a boy who gets into trouble for being naughty in class or for running around.

Why does Miss Anderson think Trent has been mucking about? Because he keeps laughing and running around the class.

Why do you think he was dizzy as he went out of the classroom? Because Jason told him the latest joke and he started laughing hard out that he got so dizzy.

What were the differences between Huia and Trent’s bags and Jason’s? What do you think about the reason for the differences? Huia and Trent have Plastic Bags but Jason's got a school bag.

What did Trent expect to happen when he went to the principal’s office? He expected to get into trouble but he didn't the principal said that she doesn't want to discuss his behavior she wants him to represent the school in a maths maths competition and that he will be doing some extra maths work for Miss Anderson.

How do you think Trent felt when he found out the real reason for going to the principal’s office? Trent felt tired and slow.

How do you think Trent felt at the end of the story, why? He felt punished and shamed for being naughty but feels good that he's going to the maths competition, because he is representing the school.

Have you ever been really hungry? How did it make you feel?  Yes I have been really hungry and if I don't eat I get hungrier.

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