Monday, 26 May 2014

Echolocation Explantion

Echolocation is a form of communication that animals use such as Bats, Dolphins, Whales , Porpoise and rats, It echoes in a large empty room and on the edges of the empty room or cave Bats use echolocation to hunt for food at night.

Echolocation is used by bats to hunt for food at night the sound bounces off and object and echoes back to them. There are different types of bats around the world that use echolocation, if bats didn't have echolocation they wouldn't do anything because echolocation helps bats to see at night times because bats can't see very well at night, so thats good they have echolocation.

Most bats send different sounds through their mouths that bounces off an object and comes back to them. Echolocation is something that some animals use at night times such as dolphins, porpoise, rats, whales and bats.

If you yell in a room it will hit the wall and bounce right back to you just like bats as they hunt for food the sound hits the wall then bounces back to them, when its people it hits their eardrum and they know what the sound is because it echoes back to them.

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