Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Reading Activity 1

Reading Activity: 1

What types of ideas is dad always getting? He got his ideas from work like he came home ina very good mood.

What do you think an ‘odd-ball idea is’? I think it is a very different idea to others, like one person speaks and there is someone that is the odd one out.

Where were ‘simple trumpets’ originally found? Simple trumpets like these were found in Tutankh-
mens Tomb.

Why was dads trumpet making no noise to begin with? Because he pressed his lips tightly together and puffed out his cheeks, but you cant tighten your lips you have to blow through the tube.

Why is dad making a trumpet? Who is he trying to ‘show what trumpeting is all about?  Dad is making a Trumpet because he was reading the magazine about early trumpets, He was showing Andrew how to blow a trumpet when he comes home.

For what reason did dad decide to use a balloon to blow his trumpet? Becuase it is like his lungs that will blow the trumpet when he streches the balloon to make it squeak.

What are your predictions for dads new materials he’s using to make his trumpet? I think it is good because as long as he knows what he is doing and how to make it work by blowing into the tube of the trumpet.

It seems that dad is doing a trial and error of different ways he could make a trumpet, do you agree with this statement? Why/why not? Yes i do because It is a trumpet that needs air to blow also, and no because it might not work as he blows through because it was hand maded.

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