Thursday, 5 November 2015

Fun Time Tuesday

On Tuesday team 5 had the opportunity to do a team activity which included all students, every student was put into a team of 5 or 6. There were various activities that were held in room 1, room 2, the breeze, the hall foyer and the netball courts. All teams were given a little booklet where you had stack your points and where it shows what station you had to go to next.

After we were all put into teams and the teachers got their stations ready we all got to go with our teams to different stations. I had a team of 3 because some people didn't come to school. My team and I first went to room 2 with Miss Clark her station was called brain bust she called it brain bust because you had to use your brain while you were at her station, she gave everyone the same question and we had to figure out the answer by using our brains. My team and I didn't really know the answers to it so we gave it a try along with the help of Miss Clark, each team was given 2 questions and we had to figure them out as a team which meant each team member had to participate. In the end my team got given 20 points for participating in the activity.

Time was running out and we had to go to our next station, each team finished off their last question then we all had to walk sensibly to the street (working space) where Mrs Tele`a held her photo booth station, her station was all about taking photos and participating and just having fun, there were all sorts of costumes that we got to get dressed in and take silly photos. My team and I had lots of fun we all really enjoyed ourselves, there was lots of laughter and smiles, in the end Mrs Tele`a asked for everyone's booklets and wrote down all the points that the team achieved.

Our next station was the cookie face station, Mrs Flavell looked after that station her station was about getting a cookie and putting it on the top of your head then you had to use various facial expressions to try and move the cookie down towards your mouth, the goal for that challenge was to get the cookie in your mouth without letting the cookie fall. 5 people went first at a time, they were told to lay their heads back then place the cookie on the top of their foreheads. “Go” Mrs Flavell said then each person started doing different faces to try and get the cookie in their mouth and if you dropped it you had to pick it back up and wait for everyone to finish.

Everyone started trying and trying but still couldn't get the cookie in their mouth once everyone finished trying they all had to walk at the back of the line and wait for their turn. My team was up next the same thing was repeated “lay your head back and place the cookie on your forehead” then we did what were told “Go!” Mrs Flavell shouts, my team and I were struggling to get the cookie in our mouths, we tried and tried but no one got it in, then we were told to go to the back of the line. The 5 moved up and Mrs Flavell decided that we should altogether try and get the cookie in our mouth we all tried but till no one could get it in some people just took the cookie off their faces and ate it, we were running out of time so we had to move along to the next station.

Our final station was called pea pipes Mrs Hockly owned that station at her station there were little plastic bowls of Peas each team had to get a straw and suck the pea off the bowl into the straw and you had to walk really quick or run to the other side of the court where Mrs Hockly stood with 3 bowls for you to put your peas into. Off we go each team was given straws then we had to all stand up and wait for Mrs Hockly to say go, a few moments later all we hear is “Go!” then 1 by 1 everyone started sucking the peas into their straws and running to the end to Mrs Hockly to drop the peas into the other bowls that were on the other side. My team and I started sucking in the peas into our straws and running to the end to drop them into the other bowls that were on the tables across us, everyone was rushing while time was running out for us so we kept trying “Stop!” Mrs Hockly shouts “its finished” so everyone stopped and rushed to the bowls to see how their group did, my group obviously didn't win, but it was fine with us we just enjoyed having fun with the other students.

That was our last and final station, but I had lots of fun with the other kids of team 5, I got to spend more time with them and not just my own personal friends. My favourite station was the cookie face station because it was really challenging for everyone and I saw that everyone was just enjoying themselves and not worrying about what others were saying and thinking about them, I really enjoyed myself hopefully everyone had as much fun as I did. Overall I think the teachers did an amazing job of preparing this for the team 5 students.

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