Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Immersion Assembly

On Monday the first day of term 4 we had an immersion assembly. First we had to line up in our girl and boy lines ready to go to the hall. Once we go into our two lines we had to walk quietly to the hall and sit on the chairs quietly patiently waiting for Mr Burt to come and start the assembly off by welcoming us back to school. While he finished welcoming us to school he announced that each team from 1 to 5 are going to perform to the whole school and show them what their team is learning about.

Teams 1 to 4 performed, then it was team 5. The team 5 teachers walked to the front of the hall with different costumes on. As they got on stage each teacher was given a plate of noodles with chopsticks.  They had a challenge to see who could be first to finish the plate of noodles. First all the teachers lined up... “Go!” they heard Mr Wiseman say then they all rushed to eat the noodles off the plate.  A few moments later Miss Clark finished eating her plate of noodles while the other teachers were struggling to eat with their chopsticks.

Once they finished their noodles Mr Wiseman asked each teacher how it felt, and how they got to finish the noodles on time, each teacher was from a different country and they explained how their country eats and what they use to eat their food with. He started off by asking Miss Clark why was she the first to finish eating her plate of noodles she replied by saying “because I grew up eating food using chopsticks” then Miss Misela snatched the mic off Miss Clark's hand and said “i'm from Tonga, we don't use these chopsticks to eat our food with”.

A few moments later Miss Misela handed the mic over to Miss Peato when she got the mic she said “i'm from Samoa and we don't use anything to eat our food with because we use our hands!” when she said that everyone started laughing and clapping later on it was declared that Miss Clark won the challenge, she won the puppet named Maurice it was a prize that was given to her by Mr Wiseman.

While the teachers finished performing Mrs Tele'a walked out from backstage with various artworks of cartoon members which were Hulk Smash, Captain America, Superman and Batman the artworks were shown to the whole school to inspire them, that was the last part of team fives item then everyone started clapping and the teachers made their way off stage. So the thing that the teachers were trying to explain to everyone was how humans survive in various countries.

I really enjoyed team fives item because it was really fun and it was also enjoyable to watch, my favourite part was when Miss Clark had to gobble up all the noodles because it was a challenge and she wanted to win, hopefully everyone else enjoyed team fives item as much as I did.

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Angela Moala said...

Thanks for sharing Mao! I was wondering what Team 5 did, but I can't help but wonder...who ate the fastest?

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