Thursday, 5 November 2015

Recount Writing

As my class rushed to the hall to watch The Royal New Zealand Navy Band perform we were all very excited and happy, as we were walking there we could also hear our teacher calling out to us to get us to walk properly to the hall. Once we got there my class and I quickly sat down and gazed at the performers on stage. While we waited Mr Burt came in and introduced the Royal New Zealand Navy Band to us.

Once Mr Burt finished speaking one of the Navy members spoke to us about what they do when they are travelling on the ships and what it feels like to be part of the Navy Band Crew. Once he finished speaking the Navy Band played a few songs to us and we had to guess what songs they were playing on the instruments.

They started off by playing movie title songs and everyone shouted out what they thought the song was once they performed everyone started clapping and cheering for the performers who were performing on stage. As they were starting to play a song everyone had to guess the song, the song they played was Katy Perry Roar, once they played the song on the instruments everyone started calling out the title name of the song.

When the Navy Band performers heard everyone calling out the title of the song they asked everyone to stand up, then everyone stood up and started clapping their hands and moving side to side, looking around the hall I saw so many people smiling and laughing with the people beside them.

Once they finished playing various songs on the instruments one of the members of the band had a big large book that had information about the instruments, he started off reading and while he was reading the band members went one by one and they had to introduce their instrument to the audience there were lots of instruments.

When they finished playing one of the band members had to ask a question and the student shad to raise their a=hands to say the answer, so the band member walked around the hall to the people who had their arm up and he asked them what their answer was and they answered only about 4 - 6 went up including Mr Burt they got told to conduct the navy band.

When they stood at the front everyone started laughing a few moments later it was Mr Brts turn and once he started conducting all the teachers and students started laughing at how silly Mr Burt was conducting, once everyone finished conducting they all were told to be seated and they also got given a CD of all the songs that they play.

I really enjoyed having the Navy Band play at our school because they taught everyone so much about instruments and how to use them properly. I hope everyone enjoyed the band as much as I did.

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