Thursday, 28 May 2015

Humanoid Robots

Today in the afternoon we did Inquiry we had to get a book and write down 5 facts about the book or 5 facts that we have learnt about in class while we were reading the book. The book that I picked was called Humanoid Robots, here are 5 facts that I have learnt about, hopefully you can learn something from this post that I have created.
1, Robots is a machine programmed to do jobs that are performed usually by a person
2, Did you know the word Myth is a story told by people in the ancient time (Old Days)
3, What does android mean? Well, Android means a robot that thinks and acts very similar to a human being
4, Did you know? that the first robot to walk on two legs was Wabot-1 in 1970
5, Scientists began building more advanced humanoid robots in the 1970`s

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