Thursday, 14 May 2015

Anzac Writing

(Anzac Memorial Writing)

In the past so many soldiers died during World War. This week is Anzac Week and we will be remembering those who fought for our country. Knowing that they went through so much pain and stress is hard to understand. Many soldiers died and many soldiers were injured, luckily some survived during the world war.  

Well this year for the first time Pt England School built a small Anzac War Memorial field just to remember those who fought for us. Most of all to be grateful that many soldiers left their families just to go fight in the world war. Many soldiers were excited to leave while some soldiers were confused not knowing what they were going to do in war.

Lots of parents were worried about their sons or maybe grandsons who left to fight for their countries. Nearly every school in New Zealand had their flags half way down the pole so that we could remember the soldiers who fought for us during world war, including our school we had our flag half way down the pole to acknowledge the soldiers who died in world war.

During our school assembly everyone got told to make their way to the memorial field, so everyone made their way out the hall to the memorial field, while standing there in silence Mr Jacobson played the anzac trumpet recording while we all stood there in silence looking ahead of us was the memorial field that had white crosses with names on them that represented the soldiers that died during world war. While we finished acknowledging the soldiers we all had to go one by one back to our classrooms.  

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