Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Waiting Recount

On a sunny Saturday morning I got up and slowly and walked over to the bathroom, I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face, I then walked back to my room and got dressed ready to go to the basketball courts, while I was getting ready my sisters were too, later on we were all ready to go then we walked out of the front door with excitement.

As we made our way out the door my sisters and I quickly walked to the basketball courts down the road to play shoots, as we got there we had a little rest then we all lined up ready to play master, so we all lined up but someone had to be the master so we looked at each-other then we started arguing, afterwards we kept on arguing a few minutes later we all stopped and just picked anyone to be master.

So my eldest sister became the master, then me and my other sister lined up and waited for my eldest sister to get ready while she was getting ready I sat down on the footpath for a rest, later on we had just  started, so my sister threw the ball to my other sister and started playing shoots, one of them had to get  the ball into the hoop, it took so long that I felt like not playing but I still waited for one of them to get the ball in the hoop, afterwards they started talking and tried shooting the ball into the hoop.

While they were talking I waited for a very long time, they went on about school drama, while I was waiting they stopped shooting and sat down, then I quickly said to them “are we even gonna play” they quickly replied “yes, just wait!” then I quickly sat down as well and looked at them chatting about school drama, I quickly walked over to them and snatched the ball and took it with me I then played shoots by myself while they were still going on about school drama.

Later on that day they got up and said “lets go now!” I looked at them with a shock on my face and said “but you guys have not even played for a while!” then they just told me to “hurry up” so I picked up the ball from the ground and we made our way out the gates, later on we walked home feeling tired and stressed out as we got to our street we all walked up slowly, we then got to our house, later on we all rushed through the front door to our rooms and rested on our beds we then waited to see what was going to happen next.

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