Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Holiday Recount

On a lovely Sunday morning I quickly hopped out of bed and walked to the bathroom to have a shower, later on while I finished showering I quickly got out of the shower and walked to my room then I gently put on my church clothes and did my hair, then I looked for my shoes later on I walked to the cupboard and opened it then I quickly saw my shoes so I took them out and put them on.

Later on my parents shouted out to my brother and sisters and I “Are you guys ready to go!” then we all quickly shouted back “Yes!” afterwards we all quickly got prepared and drove to church, later on we finally got to church we then quickly hopped out of the car and walked over to the doors of the chapel.

We then opened the doors and walked inside and found a seat for us to sit on, so we gently sat down, a few hours later sacrament meeting finished and all kids had to walk upstairs to their classes including me, while I was walking up I got to my class and I found a seat, afterwards I waited for a while for my teacher, while waiting,  my teacher walked in and sat down then a friend named Maia had to stand up and say who was doing what, so while Maia stood up she had to pick who was doing prayer, theme and song.

While we were waiting Maia picked me to do theme, and assigned 2 others to do a part, later on I had to stand up and say our theme for the year, so I nervously got up then I had to stand up at the front of the whole class and say our youth theme to them then they would have to repeat the same words I said.

Once I finished saying our theme I quickly sat down with a nervous look on my face then while the others were saying there parts I quickly sat up straight and listened, a few hours later class finished and it was home time, when we finished I walked out really quick and walked towards my car, then I stood there waiting for my parents to come, so we could go home.

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