Thursday, 25 September 2014

School Uniform Writing

Pt England School should wear uniforms because it shows respect to others and it also represents our school if we go to different places, it also gives us a sense of meaning and belonging. When we are in uniform we are reminded that we are representing our school and also if you are on a school trip you don't have to worry about getting lost, because you know the colors of the school uniform.

I strongly believe that we should wear uniforms at Pt England School because it shows where you come from. The  other reason why Pt England School should wear uniforms is because it is easier to focus on school instead of what you're going to be wearing when you get up. The reason why was so that our clothes in our wardrobe don't get ruined at school, and so that no one gets judged by what they wear or what kind of shoes they are wearing.

The next reason why we should wear uniforms is so that if we go to trips at other places or at other schools that are filled with lots of people, the teachers can identify which is which because the colors of the uniform and also if you have a name tag on your jacket or jumper, also so you don't get lost. Pt England School should wear uniforms because it shows that we are smart and also it shows which community we come from and what we do at school to learn and to co-operate with others in different ways, and also it shows that we Strive To Succeed because it says on our school uniform.

If we wear uniform it shows that we are a primary and intermediate school  because the intermediate kids wear jackets and the primary kids have jumpers which show we are a Primary and Intermediate school. When you wear uniform people tell what school you come from because there is a logo on the front of your uniform, shorts, pants or clots. Wearing Uniforms is really important because It is really important that we wear uniform because if visitors come to our school, or if we have to present something to visitors, we look tidy and so that we look smart and ready to speak, and also because it shows Respect to people who come to our school.

I really enjoy wearing uniforms because it shows where we come from and also it shows lots of respect to others who come to our school because it shows where we come from and it shows what community we come from and what we do as a school to present and to represent to visitors and other schools we go to.

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