Thursday, 11 September 2014

Maths Presentation

This is my Maths Presentation about Solving Addition Problems By Changing One Number To A Tide Number...Hope Your Enjoy!!!

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Shayla Mccorvey said...

I think this was a great presentation, showing us how we can change a number to to a Tidy Number. I think this is very interesting because it shows us different ways on how to use Math and different techniques and strategies to use with math problems. Although I am a bit confused, I understand that one number will get bigger and the other will get smaller. But I am not understanding problem #1, how the second number is not adding up to 79 instead of 90 since we +1 and #3 on how the first number is not 235 instead of 135 and we -1. I would be ecstatic if you would be able to explain and teach that to me, so I will be able to have a better understanding.

Great Presentation,
Shayla McCorvey

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