Friday, 27 June 2014



On Tuesday class 3 went to the Glen Innes, pools for swimming lessons. There were instructors who took lessons with our class there were two groups. Group one and group two. Group one swam in the big pools but group two swam in the medium pool, I didn't swim so I sat on the side on the chairs and watched the others swim.

 There were different lanes and various activities to do and do such as, kicking with two legs or floating on your back and using your legs to kick up and down the lane. Meanwhile as I was sitting on the side I saw the swimmers paddling and kicking.

As they were kicking splashes, splashed on the side
of the path way it had lots of slippery patches where people had to carefully walk by. Some people were exhausted and tired of swimming because some of them were not allowed to touch the ground while swimming.

Meanwhile sitting on the side there were public people swimming as well as Class 3. The swimmers did lots of different swimming lessons such as the Backstroke also the Freestyle and Floating on their back and kicking.

Finally finishing off their swimming lessons Miss Clark called out to them and said “Hop out of the pool and get ready, quick!!!”. Afterwards they hopped out of the pools and quickly walked slowly to the changing room and got ready, so we can get back to school in time as the bell rang for school to finish.

Walking back to school most of the kids were exhausted and tired of swimming, as we got to class our teacher quickly rushed and opened the door for us to get in. As we got in Miss Clark handed out the notices and talked to us about what we need for the next day.

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