Thursday, 12 June 2014

Social Writing

Walking back home from school I open the door and shout to my mum “mum im going for a shower” then my mum replies back “ok” afterwards I go for a really quick shower then I go  to my room and look for something to wear.

Suddenly I worried because I don't know what to wear. So I dig through my clothes and look for something that would make me feel comfortable with but I kept worrying because I kept thinking that I would be the only one wearing different clothes.

Later on I found a green pictured jumper, shorts that were brown and up to my knees. Luckily I found something that would be comfortable for me to wear so I put it on and  got ready, but I looked at the time and kept thinking i'm late so I quickly call my dad and say “i'm ready” then he says “ok lets go now” so I quickly hopped into the car and went.

Later on I hopped out of the car and i'm feeling excited and happy at the same time, so I start walking to the hall and see that there were lots of people wearing different clothes so as I walk into the hall and see different decorations and different colored paper hanging on the wall then I hear music that was loud, not that loud.

They were also selling snacks outside the hall for anyone who is hungry or thirsty, the teachers were selling them with other helpers in the hall, including some prefects.

Later on I see my friends running to me and saying “come come, lets go sit over there” then I start walking to the chair and sit down, later on we stand up and start walking around also watching others dance.

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