Wednesday, 26 February 2014

(The Pt England Way)

The Pt England Way is all about Respect and being kind to others by speaking to them or helping them by work, most people when they meet a new person they become friends straight away, when its a group they like to co-operate and that's what the Pt England Way is, all about  co-operating with others sharing ideas also making sure everyone in the group is happy.

We show the Pt England Way by showing respect to one another by listening to them when they are talking to another, that is why the word  Respect is a really important word to Pt England School, also we have Prefects who have just started this year and are really working hard towards this year of School.

Our School also has Ambassadors who go to diffrent places and talk about how our school works through the year, we also have House Captains for each color the colors are Te Arawa,Tainue,Mataatua,and Takitimu these are the colors of the houses also each group has two important leaders who also show Respect to the group by cheering for them as they are doing Cross Country or Athletics.

We have a Pt England Way because kids who are naughty can learn from their wrongs, and can start again by showing respect to teachers mostly teachers because some kids think its cool if you get smart to a teacher, and its really hard when the teacher can not handle that child.

My experience  that I have learnt is to come to school to learn and to never give up on our Writing,Reading,Maths and Inquiry and learning things in class, Our principal Mr Burt Benefits laptops, Computers and Electronic things that we use at our school also teachers help us to learn not to come to school and muck around.

This is all about the Pt England Way, Striving To Succeed in many different ways around school and at home, People have to make good choices throughout their lives and that is why Pt England has a Way through life.

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