Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Holiday Reacount

I went to a Happy New Year dance it was a church dance in  Otara, first we had snacks and drinks after that they play music for anyone to dance, when it`s nearly 12:00pm  we all shout (“HAPPY NEW YEAR!”) I was nervous because everyone had to dance only if you wanted to, most people just stayed sitting because they were to nervous to dance at the front of everyone else.

I overcame this nervousness by Joining in  with others and just being happy till the end also to never be nervous ,my family was involved and also friends and other families, there were alot of people we didn't know so we introduced ourselves to them, they were really happy and enjoying themselves.

Through out my experience I learnt that wherever you go or wherever you are remember to be confident and speak out also  don't be shy,so it was 11:59 and everyone was ready to shout.......5 seconds later (“HAPPY NEW YEAR”!!) and everyone started running around and being happy afterwards we all took photos but most people wanted to go home and just celebrate Happy New Years.

In the morning I felt really happy but at the same time I felt tired,  because me and and my family
stayed up really late I didn't even wanna get out of bed to clean my room, so I stayed in bed sleeping that whole time until it was 12:05.


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