Friday, 31 May 2013

Antarctic Penguins

When I write paragraphs I am learning to use clever Vocabulary to say exactly what I mean.

Penguins have overlapped feathers on their bodies to keep them warm in freezing cold water, Also Emperor Penguins  huddle together to keep each other survive from the freezing cold ice.

Adelie Penguins nest their eggs on little tiny stones, They also have white rings around their eye most of the time penguins breed on shore to keep their eggs away from Skuas because once a Skua get close to a Penguins eggs they poke the egg with a hole then they tear the baby Penguin apart and eat it.

Most of the times female Penguins leave the egg and the father,Then they leave to hunt for Fish to bring back to the family but they leave for a very long time then come back and swap with the father.

Also Penguins have to be careful if they are near to a leopard seal because if a Penguin goes near it the Leopard seal  will eat the Penguin.

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