Friday, 31 July 2015

Reality Trip Blog Post

In the show `Reality Trip` there were 5 New Zealanders named Kieran, Stevie, Ana, Stephanie and Peter who went to Phillipines, Manila as a group to work so that they could earn money. There job was to make coil hard drives with a lady named Esa, the most shocking thing for me was to see how hard their job was, they had to always focus and not talk to any of the others who were working. Money was a big thing for one of the girls because for every shirt she bought it costs her $400 dollars, The 3 things I learnt from the show `Reality Trip` was to always focus on what you're doing and to never talk while working hard, the second thing I learnt was to always listen to instructions, and the last thing of all that I learnt was how to spend money wisely.

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