Friday, 12 July 2013

My Missing Doll

The day it was my Birthday I got a doll for my present it was amazing that is the day I turned 3 and got a doll so first we celebrated and had cupcakes and cakes there were decorations on the wall also there were some of my family members there.

The first thing they did was they baked a cake then put candles on and icing with colourful sprinkles also  they sang Happy Birthday to me and surprised me with a HOORAY then I went OH MY GOSH!!!

Then I ran straight to my parents  and said THANK YOU SO MUCH.

The next day I lost my doll and I asked my mum do you know where my doll is then my mum replied back to me no I am very sorry I have not seen you your doll that is OK thanks anyways then I went to my dad in the room reading a book and said dad have you seen my doll then dad replied back NO I am very sorry I have not seen your doll.

There I was sitting in my bed crying then my mum came in and said I know we can find it just wait OK,OK I said so I sat there hoping my mum found it.

The next morning I woke up all red and sad then I went to my mums room and said have you found my doll and my mum did not responed back to me  then I went next to her and whispered in her ear and said have you found my doll then my mum said OHHH sorry I forgot about that well YES I have found it YAY I said then I hugged my mum and said THANKYOU then she went and got my doll and said here it is THANKS I said your welcome then I played with my doll all day long HAPPY!!!

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