Friday, 28 June 2013

My Test

Today on Friday was my reading test it was a bit hard but I got through, so first I had to read the book, the book was all about hiking it was an amazing story I enjoyed it really well.

The questions my teacher asked me was sought of hard but still I got through it,  I was a bit shy at the front of my teacher as I was going through my test I did not get any Confidence but at the end of my test I was HAPPY because I got to go back to class.


Juanita Garden said...

You did do well, I liked that you checked back in the text for answers when you weren't sure.
Make sure you read the story with all the pauses at the full stops, it will sound even better.

Mao said...

Thanks Miss Garden,
for giving me some feed back on how to make it better I hope that I will do better also (GOOD LUCK FOR 2014) Hope you enjoy it!!!

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